Women in Crypto: Exclusive Interview with Rae, Gate.io Deputy CEO

4 min readMar 8, 2023

Women in Crypto is a series of stories launched by Gate.io to celebrate International Women’s Day. We will invite outstanding women in the crypto industry to share their stories and insights. Through these interviews, Gate.io hopes to present the influence of women in the cryptocurrency industry and promote the development of gender equality and diversity in the digital currency industry. Our first interview is with Rae Pui, Deputy CEO of Gate.io, who has extensive digital currency experience and unique insights, let’s hear her story.

  1. Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, my name is Rae Pui and I am the Deputy CEO of Gate.io. I joined Gate.io in early 2021 after gaining a lot of experience and insight from my management career in globalization and the Internet SaaS industries.

As one of the core management members of Gate.io, one of my main goals at the moment is to improve Gate’s operational capabilities at the global business level and develop new areas so as to achieve rapid growth of Gate.io in the global market. More importantly, we will continue to improve a safer, more convenient, and efficient trading and investment platform for our users and promote Gate.io’s brand values and social responsibility globally.

In the past year, with the joint efforts of our team and partners, a number of achievements have been made. We launched Gate Charity, a unique and meaningful project, a charity platform based on blockchain technology, which we hope will help the underprivileged and raise awareness for social good. We have also successfully entered several emerging markets and established good relationships with local governments, regulators, partners, and users.

2. Why did you choose the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry and what attracted you to become a part of it?

To be honest, I am an avid innovator and explorer, always interested in new technologies and industries. Especially the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industry, I think they are very disruptive and revolutionary areas that will redefine the rules and models of finance and business.

Blockchain technology as a decentralized, distributed, tamper-evident and traceable technology can provide a higher level of security, transparency, efficiency and convenience. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset based on blockchain technology, and its decentralized, borderless, and free-flowing features can provide people with more diversified, flexible and higher-yield investment options. I believe blockchain technology will become the driving force of the digital economy era, bringing great changes and progress to human society, which is an important reason for me to choose blockchain and crypto industry.

As a leading and established digital asset trading platform in the industry, Gate.io has the ability to operate in the industry for nearly 10 years in a healthy and long term, and is a leader and promoter of the crypto market, which is a brand I highly recognize.

3. Can you share your story with Gate.io?

I’ve been following blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2020 and found it very interesting. Then I came across Gate.io, an established long-lasting exchange, and found Gate.io to be a pragmatic, competent exchange that values user experience, which was very appealing to me. Here, I saw that people kept innovating and improving Gate.io’s products and services to win the trust of users. Meanwhile, we see charity as a main focus right now and have launched the Gate Charity to truly use blockchain technology for the benefit of society. I believe that through unremitting efforts, Gate.io will continue to lead the future development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

4. The blockchain industry is considered to be an industry with a disparity between men and women, do you have any opinions or experiences to share?

Actually, I was surprised to learn that less than 20% of the blockchain industry employees are women. But I am very happy that our company is very supportive of women’s participation in blockchain business, and the percentage of female employees has reached 39%, which is much higher than other competing companies.

The most important reason is that we know blockchain is not just technology, but a world-changing force, and we need people from all backgrounds, abilities and perspectives to drive its development together. So as a woman speaking, no matter where you come from, as long as you are interested in blockchain, we encourage and support you to join the blockchain industry, overcome difficulties and challenges, leverage your unique strengths, and seize opportunities in emerging application scenarios such as finance, IoT, and supply chain.

5. How do you think blockchain companies should engage more female users and employees (and how to promote gender equality in the industry) to create a more diverse and inclusive environment?

We are keen on supporting female talents in the blockchain space.

I think blockchain technology is not just a tool or technology, but a concept that promotes social sharing and enables value exchange. This idea needs to be popularized by everyone, especially women. Only when more women understand and participate in the blockchain space can we truly achieve popularity and mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Therefore, we not only ensure equality, fairness, flexibility, and inclusiveness in hiring and training, but also encourage our employees to show their talents, contribute and succeed in the blockchain field.

6. Is there anything you would like to say to women who are looking to get involved in or enter the blockchain industry?

I am very supportive of girls who want to pursue a career in blockchain. Blockchain technology is an innovative product of our time, and it shows so many possibilities and opportunities. I hope everyone will have more confidence and courage in themselves, try new things; utilize her professional ability and influence to control the direction of her life, influence more people and affect the industry.

Finally, I hope to create value in the blockchain industry with more awesome women, and make this industry more innovative, inclusive and dynamic.