Women in Crypto: An interview with Monika, CMO of Lossless

3 min readMar 8, 2023

Happy International Women’s Day! Today in our Women in Cryptocurrency series, we had an interview with Monika, CMO of Web3 cybersecurity company Lossless. By sharing her inspirational experience, she hopes to promote gender equality in the cryptocurrency industry and invites you to know more about Lossless. Without further ado, let’s hear her story.

  1. As CMO of Lossless, could you briefly introduce yourself to our users?

It would be my pleasure to. My name is Monika, I am the CMO of Lossless. We’re Web3’s cybersecurity company building products for hack prevention at which I have the pleasure to work every day. My relationship with the tech scene started back in 2017 and I’ve embraced crypto hands-on two years ago. Haven’t regretted this decision ever since — it changed my life as a marketing professional.

2. What brings you to the blockchain industry?

The feelings of liberation and revolution. It’s weird how you understand what Web3 can offer only once you step in it full-time. The way it changed my work and life balance for the better is something corporate lifestyle will probably never be able to offer.

3. Can you share with us your story with Lossless? How does Lossless make a difference in crypto security?

Great question. The sole mission of Lossless is to provide solutions for crypto industry players to prevent hacks and loss of funds. We do so by building tools that alert you of potential threats or help you retrieve stolen assets if you were unable to avoid an exploit. There is a big gap between how fast the crypto space is developing and how slow security is running after it. We are here to bridge that gap.

4. Have you encountered any major challenges or turning points in your career and how did you overcome them?

I’m living a challenge right now — I’m a full-time CMO mom. Had no intention of dropping out of our industry and I love my job so I found a way to do both. This brings us back to the liberation I mentioned earlier — if I’d still be in my corporate position, I wouldn’t be able to work as I am right now. Being capable to balance motherhood and my CMO role means a lot to me. I owe it to my husband, technology, and the flexibility of crypto.

5. What do you think blockchain companies should do to engage more female users or employees (how to promote gender equality in the industry) to create a more diverse and inclusive environment?

Showcase their female colleagues via comm channels. Public ambassadorship is the best way to foster trust and communicate the actual picture behind company brands.

6. Is there anything you would like to say to women who wish to enter the blockchain industry?

Simply jump in — that’s the best way to learn what Web3 is and there are multiple angles to taste the industry without becoming an employee. If you have doubts, do personal due diligence to crush them (that’s what I did). Reach out to women already working in the space and ask, ask, ask. I’m happy to help you understand what this industry is all about!

7. Anything else you’d like to share regarding yourself or Lossless?

Follow our story to learn all the developments we do in the name of security. You’ll be able to see our Twitter lives where I tell you via video all about it — @losslessdefi.