What are Cryptoadz?

3 min readFeb 16, 2023

CrypToadz are a non-fungible token (NFT) collection of 6,969 unique toad-themed profile pictures (PFPs) on the Ethereum blockchain, created by iconic NFT creator, Gremplin. Each NFT within the collection portrays a pixelated, amphibious toad or frog with a series of distinctive characteristics, such as various backgrounds, clothing, accessories, names and more. The collection has seen significant success in the NFT community, with 12,000 ETH traded in just 10 days after its launch and continued growth in popularity.

The project has also been praised for its unique features, such as its subtle references to the history of NFTs, making Gremplin a “visual historian of the space”. The collection also includes nods to prominent NFT collections, such as the usage of trademark square glasses commonly found in NFT art, and references to the CryptoPunk community. Some CrypToadz also smoke a cigarette as a reference to Punk #961. Gremplin’s ability to draw the CryptoPunk community to his work adds to the collection’s appeal.

An expert in NFTs from Christie’s, Noah Davis, publicly expressed his admiration for CrypToadz by stating, “It’s like a melting pot of different interests coming together and collaborating constantly, like the unconventional artists and the finance enthusiasts sitting at the same table in university.” These comments from Davis greatly contributed to the collection’s rise in popularity.

Who created Cryptoadz?

The CrypToadz collection was created by a team of pseudonymous digital artists led by Gremplin, who had previously gained success with the iconic Nouns collection. The other contributors included: BN89, Cat, Chanzero, Dinfo, Emmy, Heeeee, Motivateme and Sum1. The CrypToadz collection was launched on OpenSea in July 2021. The launch date was kept secret until a tweet from Noah Davis of Christie’s auction house hinted at its release. The collection officially debuted on September 8, 2021, with each piece priced at 0.069 ETH. In its first 10 days on the market, CrypToadz generated a trading volume of 12,000 ETH, equivalent to roughly $38 million USD at the time. This helped the collection quickly become one of the top NFT projects.

What makes Cryptoadz unique and valuable?

CrypToadz NFTs are valuable for several reasons, including their limited supply, the rarity of certain traits, and the reputation of the collection’s lead artist, Gremplin. The collection also includes subtle crypto culture references that appeal to its community and create demand from savvy collectors. Additionally, the project has continued to expand its partnerships and overall utility, with CrypToadz holders being welcomed as a community on Turf NFT, a web3 virtual world, and hints at building on Cryptovoxels’ user-owned virtual world.

Collectors wishing to contribute to social causes with their NFT purchase may also appreciate CrypToadz’ environmental record. The project has donated hundreds of ETH to the Rainforest Foundation. Additionally, CrypToadz owners have been surprised with special holiday drops, such as the MistleToadz collection, a Christmas-themed collection of NFTs that exist on the Ethereum network.

Overall, CrypToadz NFTs are a valuable addition to any NFT lover’s collection, with a growing following, unique features, and utility in the crypto and virtual world space. The CrypToadz collection has gained significant popularity due to the reputation and past success of its lead artist, Gremplin. Their work has been highly sought after by NFT collectors and influencers, adding to the prestige and demand for CrypToadz.