Unveiling Artistic Potential in Bénin through Gate Charity’s Remarkable Recycling Event

3 min readJun 26, 2023

Last Thursday, June 16, Gate.io marked a significant footprint on the sands of Bénin’s beautiful coastline, collaborating with more than 30 art students from the University of Abomey-Calavi for an innovative and environmentally-conscious event. This special occasion blended creativity, art, technology, and charity, reinforcing Gate Charity’s commitment to giving back to the community and highlighting the urgent need for environmental preservation.

Debris Collection: The Birth of Creative Material

The day kicked off with an energetic gathering of art students, ready to collect debris scattered along the picturesque beach. Emblazoned in Gate Charity T-shirts, these eco-warriors diligently sifted through the sands, rescuing the environment from harmful litter. This was not merely an act of environmental preservation, but the first step in their creative process.

As the sun began to set, the hardworking students were rewarded with a relaxing snack time. They were treated to sandwiches and juices, providing much-needed sustenance after a day of hard work. The break was also an opportunity to enlighten the students about Gate Charity’s charitable endeavours, sparking inspiration for their upcoming creations.

Creation: Transmuting Trash into Treasure

The collected debris served as the raw material for the students’ creative endeavors. Armed with a newfound sense of environmental responsibility and artistic inspiration, they transformed discarded objects into stunning pieces of art, ranging from expressive paintings to intricate sculptures and transient ephemeral installations. A professional photographer was present to capture each unique artwork, encapsulating the striking transformation from waste to wonder.

NFT Minting: Preserving Art in the Digital Realm

The journey of these art pieces didn’t end in the physical world. Each captured image will be minted into a NFT, ready for charity sale on Gate NFT. The revenue generated from the NFT sales will be donated back to the University of Abomey-Calavi.

Just as artists across the globe have transformed beach debris into works of art, the students in Bénin have taken a significant step toward combining creativity with environmental consciousness. This initiative bridges the gap between traditional art and the burgeoning world of crypto, allowing digital enthusiasts worldwide to appreciate and invest in the creative talents of Bénin’s students. Gate Charity was proud to have led this initiative.

This successful event has shown that change often begins at the intersection of creativity, technology, and community engagement. Gate Charity will continue to prioritize the mission of protecting the environment and supporting the arts, and will do the best to help Bénin and other regions around the world to promote innovative environmental protection initiatives.