Trade Like a Pro with Copy Trading

What is copy trading?

Copy trading on is the process where you can piggyback off other traders by automatically copying their trading positions. The way this works is other traders build and publish strategies along with stats and trading positions, allowing other traders to subscribe and automatically copy the positions, with the ability to halt copying at any time.

Why Copy Trading stands out

With a low barrier for entry and a user-centric dashboard, Copy Trading supports spot, futures, margin and predefined strategies for grid trading, smart rebalancing, combined indicator, CTA, and much more. When compared with other exchanges,’s layout remains unmatched. As a result, anyone can easily research and copy high-quality strategies with minimal effort or create their own strategy.

Pros & Cons of copy trading

Although copy trading can help reduce trading risk in certain circumstances, you should understand the pros and cons.


  • Save time by automating your trading
  • Trade beyond your experience level
  • Simplified portfolio diversification
  • Reduced learning curve


  • Results depend on another trader’s performance
  • Past results do not guarantee future profits
  • Additional fees

Conclusion’s copy trading platform is a handy tool widely used by both experienced and inexperienced crypto traders. The latter often uses it to avoid the risks of trading with less experience and knowledge. If you are newer to trading during volatile markets, copy trading may be a good approach to gain exposure to advanced techniques and portfolio diversification.



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