Total investment in’s intelligent quantification exceeded US$866 million with more than 430,000 strategies in operation’s smart quantitative trading strategies have provided a number of quantitative strategies for beginners and experienced traders since being launched in September 2020. We launched a range of quantitative strategies with many features, such as, backtesting, one-click copy trading , leaderboards and much more. The total investment amount, to date, has exceeded $866 million!

Total investment in spot grid transactions exceeded US$727 million, with an average yield of 81.65%; total investment in contract grid transactions was US$122 million, with an average yield of 60.98%; total investment in the CTA signal tracking strategy exceeded US$17 million. The average rate of return peaked at 84.05%. A total of over 430,000 strategies are currently in operation.

Thanks to all users for using smart quantitative trading. We will continue to provide you with better, smart trading services.

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You can also directly enter the quantitative trading center page by clicking “Quantitative” at the top of the homepage.

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Our smart quantitative trading strategy repository includes six quantitative strategies for users to choose from, such as: grid trading, future grids, MACD (Moving Average Convergence / Divergence), MACD-RSI, double moving average, and dual average-RSI. Meanwhile, leverage settings can increase the capital gains and help obtain multiple returns. We’re committed to introducing various special quantitative strategies to meet the trading demands of more users. Stay tuned!

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