Share a $100k Prize Pool and Trade Like a Pro With Copy Trading on
2 min readJul 4, 2023

Trading the crypto markets takes time and experience to master, and many traders learn lessons the hard way. Copy Trading is one of the most straightforward ways to begin trading like a pro while avoiding the pitfalls. It allows users to copy the positions of other traders with greater experience and knowledge. Conversely, copy trading offers a way to earn extra income through commission for traders who can already trade successfully and confidently.

One of the most popular places to copy trade is’s Copy Trading platform, used by countless traders daily. Currently, is running a copy trading event with a dynamic prize pool of up to $100,000 worth of rewards. This is a team-based event on the futures and spot markets that allows both lead traders and copies to win prizes. The event is like a trading competition, where lead traders and copiers are ranked based on several criteria, such as total profit. The top-ranking lead traders and their corresponding copiers can win prizes up to 60% of the total prize pool for their trading level.

Head to the event announcement for further details, registration, rules, and eligibility requirements. The event is open until July 11, 2023.

How to copy other traders on

Not sure where to start with’s Copy Trading? The first step is to visit the Copy Trading platform on the web or mobile app. Then, browse the available lead traders, taking into account their stats, and select “Quick Copy” or “Advanced” on a lead traders page. Lastly, transfer funds from a spot account to the copy trading account to begin copy trading.

When selecting a trader to copy, It’s important to remember that past performance does not guarantee future results, and there are risks when trading cryptocurrency due to changing market conditions.

The premier platform for copy trading’s Copy Trading platform features a diverse list of experienced and battle-hardened traders, making it a great place to locate some of the best traders in crypto. It is trusted by many of’s millions of global users, who benefit from the platform’s easy-to-use features. Copiers can either choose to use the Quick copy feature to get started immediately or access more advanced features to customize their copy trading experience. In addition, lead traders can begin sharing their positions with millions of users worldwide to build their reputation and earn juicy commissions.