Share a $10,000 Prize Pool for Lending Crypto on Lend & Earn
2 min readApr 27


Holding through the bear markets doesn’t mean crypto users have to miss out on earning potential. While there are ways to turn profit outside the bull runs, like shorting, they often come with heightened risk. Alternatively, traders with crypto assets that are just sitting idly by can earn steady, low-risk income through lending on Lend & Earn. Lend & Earn is a platform that enables anyone to earn interest on their idle cryptocurrency, turning unused crypto into a source of income. The platform matches crypto lenders who want to profit from interest with borrowers who want to borrow more crypto for trading. It’s pretty straightforward and low-risk, as lenders will loan their cryptocurrency at a specified interest rate that the borrower must pay. And since all loans are fully collateralized, principal repayment to the lender is always guaranteed.

Why lend crypto?

There are several advantages to lending on Gate Lend & Earn that make earning interest easy while maximizing opportunities and minimal risk. Firstly, the platform supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, and USDT, with hourly interest paid to the lender. Meaning just about any hodler can begin earning instantly.

Lenders can redeem their loaned cryptocurrency and income from interest at any time, offering a high degree of flexibility. They also can freely set their interest rate based on how much they want to earn. So finding a borrower at the highest market rate is an easy process. In addition, the platform’s advanced real-time interest rate calculator also helps lenders set an optimal rate with a high chance of success.

Lend, earn, and share a $10,000 prize pool

Lending on Lend & Earn is a simple process, and if you’ve never used it before, offers a $10,000 prize pool for new users.

To begin lending and claim a reward, users will first need a account with KYC level 2. Then, users can head to the Lend & Earn platform and choose the crypto they want to loan out. Lastly, users must confirm the loan amount and rate to begin earning hourly interest once the loan is matched with a borrower. Lend & Earn is a safe way for users to earn income on their crypto. The platform is ideal for crypto users unphased by short-term market swings and holding for the long term. Furthermore, it allows users to put their crypto to work without locking up their assets indefinitely. Lend & Earn’s highly flexible and low-risk lending method makes it one of the best ways to earn crypto in any market.