Predict Halving Price of Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Share 10,000 BCD
4 min readJul 8, 2020


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is expected to halve on August 2nd-3rd, 2020. To embark on this exciting adventure together with our users, is launching the “Predict Halving Price & Win Bonus” event. Join us in predicting the BCD halving price on Twitter and share a total of 10,000 BCD!

To learn more about the BCD countdown, an introduction to what BCD is, significant BCD crypto events and BCD holdings, please check the following webs: BCD countdown page: httpswww.gate.iohalvingBCD
Other tokens halving information:httpswww.gate.iohalving


Today — 8:00 AM GMT July 22nd, 2020


During the campaign, users can predict the price of the BCD halving on Twitter and mention @gate_io’s and @BitcoinDiamond_’s official account. Predicted prices will be compared with the first on-the-hour opening price of BCD on after the Halving has taken place. The top 100 BCD-holding users with predicted prices closest to the actual price and random 50 users participating in the prediction, will share 10,000 BCD.

There are no limits as to the number of tweets you can post but they have to include the predicted BCD price, @gate_io & @BitcoinDiamond_ and hashtag # gateioBCDhalvingprediction

e.g. @user A @gate_io @BitcoinDiamond_ are holding a # gateioBCDhalvingprediction. I have a bold guess that the first on-the-hour opening price after the BCD halving will be USD xxxx. What do you think

If the tweets are posted successfully,’s official twitter @gate_io will send a sheet of collecting UID to your account privately within 2 weekdays. Please be sure the private message feature has been turned on. If there is not any private message received after posting the Tweets, please PM @gate_io to acquire the sheet. The deadline of submitting the sheet will be 8:00 AM GMT July 23rd, 2020, so please fill in the sheet in a timely manner. Otherwise you won’t be eligible to win the prize.


Diamond Prize
Users who have held 1,000 BCD or more for 14 days are able to participate in the Diamond Prize Prediction Campaign
1. Top 10 users with predicted prices closest to the actual price will be rewarded 200 BCD each.
2. Top 11–50 users with predicted prices closest to the actual price will be rewarded 100 BCD each.
3. Top 51–100 users with predicted prices closest to the actual price will be rewarded 50 BCD each.

Users can check their 14-day average BCD holdings. The 14-day average BCD holdings settled two hours after the end of the campaign will be taken into account. Hence, please do not move the BCD holdings during the two-hour settlement to ensure the qualification for the reward.

Lucky Draw (No BCD-holding Requirement)
We will select 50 participants randomly, each being rewarded with 30 BCD.
During the campaign, users who refer new users to register on (the referees are required to complete at least one successful trade on will double their chances of winning. For example, Bob referred Jim to register on and Jim had at least one successful trade on So Bob will be able to participate in the lottery shortlist twice. If he refers two new users, then he’ll triple his chances of winning and so forth. There is no limit to the number of referees.

1. If users’ predicted prices are the same, they will be ranked according to the time they were tweeted (if user A and user B predict the same price and this price is ranked the tenth closest, but user B tweeted it earlier than user A, then user B will be the 10th winner and A will be the 11th winner).
2. The real price is the first on-the-hour opening price of BCD on after The Halving (for example, if the BCD halving happens at 00:05 AM GMT on August 3rd, 2020, then the “real” price will be the opening price of BCD at 01:00 AM GMT, June 3rd, 2020 on
3. To assure the campaign runs in a fair environment, only the last predicted price before the deadline will be taken into account if the user gives different answers several times.
4. Users who have been rewarded with the Diamond Prize will not gain qualification for the Lucky Draw.
5. If the top 100 users with predicted prices closest to the actual price do not satisfy the requirement for winning the Diamond Prize, they are only eligible to win the Lucky Draw.
6. BCD rewards will be distributed to the winners 5 weekdays after the halving. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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