Pick And Choose From Over 1,000 Coins And Tokens On Gate.io

2 min readNov 9, 2021

In early October, Gate.io surpassed 1,000 coins and tokens listed on our exchange as we continue to list new and promising projects from across the market. We continue to list several new projects each week as demand from both our users and new projects continues to grow.

Over the last year, we have worked hard to provide our users with a comprehensive trading experience and having a wide variety of projects to choose from is one of the reasons our over 8 million users continue to trade on Gate.io. Over the last three months alone, Gate.io has listed more than 200 new projects on our platform.

The Gate.io team does rigorous vetting to ensure that the projects listed on our exchange are thoroughly researched, have a proven team and have long term potential to ensure our users’ investments are kept safe and secure. We continue to list new coins and tokens every week with listing votes from our community to ensure support for upcoming listings.

In July 2021, we surpassed the 800 listed coins and tokens mark and have been adding new projects at a steady pace. Many of the new projects listed, also featured on Gate.io’s own IEO platform, Startup, which has seen growing interest over the last few months as more and more users choose to invest in projects during their early stages.

DeFi, GameFi, NFT and meme tokens continue to be some of the most popular products in the overall cryptocurrency market and most of our new listings come from these different sectors. We remain committed to listing new projects and users and projects alike are invited to submit listing requests through the dedicated section on our website.