Over $23,000 in Prizes Offered Across All Gate.io Investment Products

3 min readMay 31, 2023

One of the great things about blockchain is the near-infinite possibilities for income-earning financial tools and products that stretch far beyond traditional investing. Some of these investment solutions offer much steadier returns at a lower risk than chasing volatility in the spot market.

As a leading crypto exchange, Gate.io offers among the most diverse assortments of investment tools, from over-collateralized lending with guaranteed principal plus returns to fully automated investing and much more. To celebrate a decade of serving crypto users worldwide, Gate.io offers over $23,000 in cumulative bonus rewards across three activities on its financial products.

Multi-product bonus activity — $3,000

Until June 5th, over $3,000 worth of rewards can be claimed by participants who rank among the top users in one of four financial products; the list includes Hodl & Earn, Lend & Earn, Auto-Investment, and Dual Investment. Users must complete a registration form on the activity’s announcement page and then use any listed products to participate.

Lend & Earn — $14,000

In the Lend & Earn activity, participants can win from a prize pool containing $14,000 worth of rewards. There are several ways for participants to win a reward, including using Lend & Earn for the first time, meeting a net investment threshold, or ranking among the top users. The activity runs until June 5th; more details are available on the Lend & Share announcement page.

Gate.io’s Lend & Earn platform allows users to earn income from idle crypto without much risk. The platform helps users loan their crypto with the ability to redeem the original amount and any accumulated earnings from interest. Every loan is over-collateralized, and the platform optimally adjusts interest rates based on market conditions to best match lenders with borrowers.

Auto-Investment — $6,300

The Auto-Invest & Win activity offers $6,300 worth of rewards for participants who complete a quiz, copy or create an investment plan, and invest a certain amount on the Auto-Investment platform. The activity runs until June 8th; more details are outlined in the Auto-Invest & Win announcement.

The Auto-Investment platform on Gate.io provides users a straightforward way to automate their crypto investing. The platform allows users to choose from a list of investment plans that will automatically invest their crypto for a set period, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Some investment plan feature all-time-high returns of over 1000%, but it’s important to remember there remains a risk of loss, and there are no guarantees.

Hodl & Earn and Dual Currency

The simplest to use but also the most comprehensive of all of Gate.io’s investment tools is Hodl & Earn. Here, users can find bundled investment products on a massive list of cryptocurrencies with flexible or fixed terms. For example, the Bitcoin investment product disperses a user’s investment across multiple avenues, such as Lending, Dual Currency, Lock & Earn, and other structured products. This allows users to diversify their investments across various products with terms that fit their needs.

For those seeking high returns in a relatively short period, Gate.io’s Dual Currency platform provides short-term investment products on mainstream assets such as BTC, ETH, and USDT, with APR reaching upwards of 500%. It provides a way for investors to hedge risks and have an opportunity to capture gains in any market condition, bull or bear. Investors can use these products by subscribing to one that meets their needs and preferred risk level. It’s important to understand that Dual Currency investments can provide high returns but at a higher risk.