OpenPunks Continue to Shine on’s NFT Magic Box
2 min readNov 12, 2021

Just over a month ago, launched OpenPunks, one of the world’s first community-driven NFT collections. In the time since, OpenPunks have turned into some of the most popular NFTs being collected and traded on NFT Magic Box.

What are OpenPunks? introduced OpenPunks in early October as one of the world’s first community-driven NFT collections. The collection features a total of 10,000 NFTs which are entirely attribute-based. Each NFT features four text-based attributes in the form of a role, type, skintone and hair colour. The first batch of 5,000 OpenPunks were released daily during the month of October in the form of Mystery Box auctions on NFT Magic Box.

How have OpenPunks performed?

Almost every day’s set of Mystery Boxes were sold out within less than 2 minutes of being released, some days saw sets sold out within 16 seconds. Mystery Boxes were released either in the form of an auction or regular sale listings for $100 each. The first 5,000 OpenPunks have been sold, accumulating over $680,000 in sales volume, with a floor price of $98 and the maximum price reached on the secondary market going as high as $1,888.

What’s next for OpenPunks?

Only a total of 10,000 OpenPunk NFTs will ever be minted, with the first 5,000 having been sold to users on the NFT Magic Box marketplace, is giving users the opportunity to trade their NFTs, and the market to cool before the next 5,000 will be released. The release of the next 5,000 NFTs will be announced in due course.

As it stands, OpenPunks continue to shine on NFT Magic Box and may very well pave the way for more unique NFTs to be launched on the platform. invites artists and creators alike to join the platform and share their unique works with our over 8 million users worldwide.