New Free NFT Airdrop on Gate Web3 Following Success of Alaya NFTs
2 min readAug 24, 2023

The latest free token airdrop on Gate Web3 just finished, with over 365 self-custody participants qualifying, exceeding the subscription goal by 14,709%. Over 100 participants received a free NFT from the Alaya collection, a part of the Alaya AI distributed data platform connecting communities and data through artificial intelligence and blockchain.

With the success of the Alaya NFT, Gate Web3 has begun featuring the next free initial NFT airdrop: Space Mavericks NFT. As a free play-to-earn MOBA game, Space Mavericks brings a unique style of competitive gaming to the blockchain. Its playstyle is considered a hybrid between popular games like Worms and League of Legends or Dota, resulting in fast-paced and competitive gameplay.

How to join Space Mavericks NFT airdrop on Gate Web3

Users with a self-custody Gate Web3 wallet can participate in the Space Mavericks’ initial NFT airdrop by holding at least 1 USD or more worth of any asset on an EVM-compatible chain. Participation is entirely free and requires no payment. To claim a spot in the airdrop, visit the Gate Web3 Startup platform on’s website or mobile app, then locate the Space Mavericks NFT startup listing.

The subscription began on August 21 and will end on August 25, 02:00 (UTC).

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