New Free Airdrops on Startup: PAAL AI and o-mee
3 min readSep 22, 2023

By seeking out and highlighting innovative projects, the Startup launchpad connects crypto users with the most ambitious pioneers and builders in blockchain. Over 840 initial and non-initial launches and listings have been featured to date, providing free airdrops to nearly 13 million participants. For users, it’s a platform to become an early adopter of something new, while for the builders, it helps them to turn their visions into reality.

Recently, Startup announced the participation rules for two new free airdrops: PAAL AI, an ecosystem leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, and o-mee, a new Web3-ready social media platform and marketplace.

PAAL AI free non-initial airdrop

Merging the best of blockchain and artificial intelligence, PAAL AI presents a robust ecosystem of AI services consisting of an intelligent virtual assistant, an automated market analysis bot, and advanced trading and asset management tools. Everything is interconnected with the PAAL AI token (PAAL), which incentivizes holders with profit sharing, buybacks, and staking while empowering through governance rights.

PAAL AI’s free non-initial airdrop begins on September 14th and ends on the 15th (UTC). Any user who meets the participation conditions can freely participate. For more details, read the announcement.

o-mee free initial airdrop

Breaking the social media status quo, o-mee enables creative minds to monetize their creations through a Web3 social platform and marketplace. Built upon the ideals of fairness, creators can better tap into the economic and social value of their creativity, taking back control of how they monetize their work, whether it be visual art, music, or any other creation. The o-mee token (OME) is the ecosystem’s utility token for staking and transacting creative works, engaging with and tipping creators, and interacting on the platform.

The o-mee free initial airdrop starts on September 19th and ends on September 20th (UTC), and users are welcome to participate freely. For full details, check out the announcement.

Don’t miss another free airdrop

With hundreds of projects and millions of participants, Startup is a driving force behind innovation in blockchain, digital assets, and Web3. The launchpad regularly features free initial and non-initial airdrops for new projects, openly accessible to millions of users. Moreover, Startup also contributes to charity, as the more participants in each airdrop, the more donates to philanthropic initiatives around the globe, with over $17,000 donated so far.

Participating in free airdrops on Startup is easy. Users need to visit the Startup section of the website or mobile app and select “claim”. Most users are eligible to participate whether or not they are VIP users; however, having a higher VIP level will unlock better access to each airdrop. More information on how to join airdrops on Startup can be found in the Startup FAQ.