Maximize Your ZK Project Airdrop Potential with Gate Web3 Tasks
2 min readOct 17, 2023


Earlier this year, Arbitrum launched its $ARB token, airdropping $120 million worth to users in one of the largest airdrops in crypto history. While over half a million users were eligible for the airdrop, many others were unaware of the event or the eligibility requirements, which included criteria like completing specific actions and tasks on the Arbitrum blockchain.

The Arbitrum airdrop is long over. However, several other potential airdrops from similarly innovative projects and chains could happen, such as zkSync Era, Starknet, Scroll, Linea, and LayerZero, which can all be found on Gate Web3 Tasks. Each potential airdrop currently listed there is related to innovative zero-knowledge (ZK) projects that are likely to hold an airdrop in the future.

While there’s no guarantee that a project will conduct an airdrop, given the history of other projects in the ZK sector, it’s a probable scenario. For example, Optimism, another popular ZK project, conducted its first airdrop in 2022, with eligibility based on wallet activity. This prompted speculation that Arbitrum would follow, which it did in early 2023.

Since some projects may choose not to announce an airdrop or eligibility criteria early on, users can prepare by preemptively interacting with features of each chain, increasing the chances of receiving a future airdrop if one occurs and potentially maximizing the number of tokens received.

On Gate Web3 Tasks, interactions that may increase a user’s odds of receiving tokens are conveniently listed and easy to track and complete, helping users meet activity levels similar to what was required for prior airdrops. This reduces time and effort by eliminating tedious steps and the need to sort through fragmented information and speculation on social media.

Gate Web3 Tasks is just one piece of Gate Web3, a comprehensive Web3 platform tailored for self-custody crypto users entering Web3. The platform also features initial and non-initial airdrops on Gate Web3 Startup. In addition, Gate Web3 provides easy-to-use wallet management tools, decentralized swaps, futures, cross-chain bridging and trading, and so much more. Your Web3 journey starts here.