Maximize Your Bull and Bear Market Gains with Trading Bots on
3 min readJul 24, 2023

There’s a reason over $2.6 billion worth of crypto is invested through trading bots on they help users easily automate their crypto trading to generate returns. For example, a trader recently reached a daily ROI of 2390%. Users can tap into more advanced crypto trading techniques and automate their crypto investing by creating or copying a trading strategy.

There are a variety of trading bots on (also referred to as strategy bots or strategies), with each intended for different experience levels and risk tolerances. Everyone from beginner spot market speculators to long-term HODLers and advanced futures traders will find a strategy fit for them.

Using automated trading strategies is relatively easy. Users first need to visit the Trading Bots (Strategy Bot) section of’s Copy Trading platform, then copy a strategy or create a custom one. Strategies can be created in just minutes using presets automatically generated by machine learning algorithms, with no coding required. So, let’s look at four main strategies used on two beginner and two advanced.

Beginner Traders: Smart Rebalance and Spot Grid

Spot Grid is among the simplest and most popular trading strategies, making it great for beginners. It has one straightforward goal of buying low and selling high on the spot market. A bot using this strategy will trade within a certain price range, buying when the price decreases within the range and selling when it rises. If the price goes outside the range, there are mechanisms to prevent excessive loss.

A Smart Rebalancing strategy may be best for those looking to hold multiple different assets for the long term but don’t want to worry about managing multiple assets. This beginner strategy will maintain a specified ratio between several assets. For example, if this strategy is set to 40% BTC, 40% GT, and 20% ETH, and then the price of ETH goes down and causes an imbalance in the ratio, BTC and GT will be traded for ETH to bring it back to 20%. This also means that if one asset’s price rises rapidly, the returns will be distributed between the other two, helping the portfolio to weather the market’s long-term ups and downs.

Experienced Traders: Margin Grid and Futures Grid

For traders who want to take advantage of rising and falling markets, the Futures Grid strategy automates long and short trading. Similar to the spot grid, but on the Futures market, it will buy low and sell high, or the opposite if shorting. Although the gains are amplified due to leverage, the losses are also. In addition, creating a Future Grid strategy requires more manual configuration compared to Spot Grid. Hence, this type of strategy requires a greater understanding of the markets, such as the ability to configure multiple grids.

Combining the best of Futures Gird and Spot grid, Margin Grid strategies enable traders to magnify spot market gains on long or short positions using borrowed funds. This strategy also allows traders to configure multiple grids for continuous trading. While profits are magnified, so are losses. Meaning this type of trading strategy requires an advanced understanding of crypto markets. Further, the Margin grid allows for a greater degree of customization compared to Spot Grid strategies.

Automated trading strategies for any market

Whether the market is bearish or bullish, users can find a trading strategy for all scenarios and risk tolerances, such as shorting the lows, chasing high gains, earning steady returns, or achieving balanced long-term growth. Also, if all this is too complicated, traders can copy stronger traders by sorting and browsing the public strategy pool. Lastly, these are just some basic features, not including other strategy categories and types, along with fully customizable trading bots and powerful quantitative trading tools.