Market statistics at your fingertips — An overview of’s Big Data Feature.
2 min readFeb 16, 2022

As digital currencies continue to gain momentum, the market and volume continues to increase with more people and organisations getting familiar with cryptocurrency and decentralisation at large, and are willing to become major investors. As a result of this, multiple coin listings continue to surface alongside the multiple users.

As one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms with over 10million users, possesses an immense amount of data, all of which ensure the adoption of better strategies and stack optimization. With one of its priorities being providing a safe and transparent trading platform for users, relatively adopts its Big Data feature.’s Big Data is designed to help users enjoy a better trading experience by providing valuable insight while trading and tracking the market sentiments. It is also expected to enhance the security and privacy level to combat the vulnerability that comes with the remunerative market, reducing the possible rates of cyber attacks and theft.

As the volatility of the crypto market sometimes exacerbates the difficulty in monitoring market shifts,’s Big Data is also modelled to simplify and improve the analysis and predictions of the wider market, assisting users to maximise profits and simplify risks of their investments.

Displaying important features such as Direction of Funds flow to help users determine how funds are being transferred in and out of assets, Liquidation Data to provide users with accurate information on leverage trading, including trades that are terminated, and Price Rise & Fall to indicate supply rate, major spike, crashes and market regulation. Other important features include Contract positions, Data Monitor, Block Trades, and more, all of which have been accurately designed to guarantee a secure and transparent trading platform for all users.