Make the Most of Sideways Markets: Grid Trade on to Claim Free Starting Funds
2 min readJul 11, 2023

2023 has been a good year for Bitcoin thus far. The market remains up after seeing several sideways stints that followed rallies to new local highs. As a result, many holders are patiently waiting for the right time to take some profits. However, nobody can predict when the next major market peak will be. So, with Bitcoin fluctuating within sideways ranges, it’s a perfect time to try out Grid Trading on so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

Grid Trading works by automatically placing buy and sell orders within a predetermined price range. It is best suited for sideways markets oscillating within a given range. For example, suppose an asset regularly fluctuates between $100 and $150. In that case, a Grid Trading bot can be configured to buy when the market is declining and sell when it’s near or at the top of the range. When configured optimally and when the market plays out in favour, it’s a straightforward and mostly hands-free way to buy low and sell high.

Grid Trading on is accessible through the Trading Bots platform, where traders can copy preexisting grid strategies created by others or choose to create their own. Copying another trader is as easy as browsing the Trading Bots section, where dozens of active grid strategies exist for the futures and spot market. Spot strategies are more like the example described before, buying low and selling high, while futures are a little riskier but can offer greater returns. also makes creating a grid strategy with automatically configured parameters easy. Using powerful machine learning and backtesting,’s Trading Bots platform can automatically generate a strategy based on future market outlooks. Any user can create an auto-configured strategy and begin grid trading in minutes. However, users with more experience can create fully customized strategies, as the platform features plenty of advanced options and functionality.

Although grid strategies can be configured to minimize the risk of loss, it’s important to remember that grid trading does not guarantee profits, and there is still a risk of loss due to unpredictable changes in the market.

Free crypto to start grid trading on

Until July 18th, offers users free crypto for opening positions with grid trading. To claim your USDT, register for the event through the announcement page and then begin using a grid trading strategy on the Trading Bots platform. Users can initially earn 10 USDT for using grid trading, while up to 100 USDT is being offered to the top 50 traders ranked on total profits during the event.

Register for the Earn With Trading Bots event by checking out the announcement. You’ll find all the information regarding the rules, eligibility requirements, and full details there.