Join the ‘Alaya NFT’ Initial Airdrop on Gate Web3 Startup Launchpad
2 min readAug 17, 2023

Token launchpads are an excellent way for builders to connect with early adopters, and being an early adopter of new Web3 projects can be exciting and lead to opportunities down the road. One of the best places to participate in new token launches and listings as a self-custody crypto user is on Gate Web3, which is currently featuring Alaya NFT, the second Web3 project to debut on the platform.

Alaya is a distributed artificial intelligence platform connecting communities, data, and AI to generate high-quality and scalable data that respects ownership rights. Its initial NFT collection airdrop is happening on Gate Web3, offering self-custody crypto users the opportunity to receive free Alaya NFTs.

How to join the Alaya NFT airdrop on Gate Web3 Startup
To participate in the Alaya NFT initial airdrop, visit the Gate Web3 section of the website or mobile app, then navigate to the Startup page. Then, connect your wallet to place an order. Participation is entirely free and requires no payment. Check out the Gate Web3 Startup FAQs and participation guides for more info.

Find more airdrops on Gate Web3
If you were late to the party or want to participate in more airdrops, Gate Web3 has you covered. Airdrop Blitz aggregates token and NFT airdrops from across the web, providing direct links to airdrops with summary info and a list of requirements and eligibility criteria. Airdrop Blitz ensures you won’t miss any steps or tasks in claiming your next airdrop, presenting a convenient central place to find initial and non-initial token airdrops from any blockchain or project.

Everything Web3, all in one place
For early adopters and crypto enthusiasts who want the whole decentralized experience, Gate Web3 provides everything needed to navigate the decentralized web. The platform offers convenient self-custody wallet management, token swaps, cross-chain transfers and order-book style perpetuals trading, all built upon decentralized Web3 infrastructure. Further, users can access token airdrops and launch through Web3 Startup and Airdrop Blitz, browse thousands of DApps, discover unlimited ways to earn through the staking aggregator, and much more.