Join the 1 BTC Club by Playing Games on
2 min readOct 13, 2022

Obtaining 1 BTC has become a symbol of achievement for those on a mission to own at least one of the 21 million BTC that will ever enter circulation. Nowadays, this comes with a hefty price tag. However, if you’re one of the people on that daring mission, may have your one-way ticket. has launched several exciting and challenging activities for traders to earn prizes, by recommending a friend, learning about crypto, live streaming, or simply playing games.

Play Games to Earn

Probably the juiciest deal of them all, the Crypto Crush Game event is putting 1 BTC on the table, and you could be the lucky player. There are several prize pools, one for the top scoring players and other prizes drawn randomly for all players that clear the first level.

Simply by playing the game and completing various activities, you can have the chance to join the 1 BTC club.

Learn and Win

Crypto education is a massive part of bringing newcomers into the digital asset space. To spread the knowledge, offers great awards for the top 100 users who complete Round 3 of the Gate Learn quiz with the quickest time and 80 points or higher.

So whether you’re new to crypto or want to put your knowledge to the test, you can join now for your chance to win.

Become a Live Streamer and Get Paid

Have you ever wanted to earn an income by live streaming? Well, commenced another session of the Gate Live Streamer Recruitment Plan, which offers rewards for just live streaming daily on the Gate Live platform. Moreover, streaming on Gate Live comes with benefits, like increasing your online following and bringing in subscription and donation income.

Even more, you can earn by inviting friends to live stream as well. So, join the event now and spread the opportunity.

No trader left behind

From crypto veterans to beginners and everyone in between, has launched an array of activities for everyone to have a chance at winning prizes and earning crypto. Furthermore, all the events will run into late October, so there’s plenty of time to join and get in on the action.