Join Gate Vietnam’s Streaming Day on May 19th for an Immersive Experience with Crypto Industry Experts and Projects
3 min readMay 17, 2023

Gate Vietnam, is thrilled to announce its upcoming Streaming Day, a virtual event filled with informative sessions and exciting rewards. The event is scheduled to take place on Friday, 19th May, starting at 14:00 (UTC+7) and concluding at 22:00 (UTC+7).

Streaming Day will feature a diverse lineup of esteemed speakers, including prominent Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and representatives from innovative projects. Participants can expect a wealth of knowledge, market insights, and engaging discussions throughout the day.

The event will kick off with an introductory session at 14:00 (UTC+7), providing attendees with an overview of the agenda and distinguished guests. Furthermore, participants will be introduced to the topics that will be covered by each guest speaker, along with the latest news and updates about, Gate Vietnam’s startup ecosystem, noteworthy highlights, and upcoming listings.

Throughout the day, participants will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts and KOLs through a series of sharing sessions. Each session will feature three questions from users, as selected by the respective KOL or project representative. Users whose questions are chosen will receive a $5 contract bonus after the conclusion of the live-streaming day, with a total of 24 bonuses valued at $120 being distributed. For each session, viewers will also receive 50 ORDI red packets, which means a total of 400 red packets for 8 sessions throughout the day.

The event’s timeline and speakers are as follows:

14:00–14:15: Introduction

  • Introduction to the agenda of Gate Vietnam Streaming Day and the guests
  • Updated news about (Gate Start-up, highlights, listing)

14:20–14:50: Market Overview — Meme Season (Cuong Tran — Founder of Crypto Investment Group)

  • Knowledge sharing, hot topics, on-chain and market analysis

15:00–15:30: BRC-20 (Shengmo.eth — Founder of Thecoindesk)

  • Deep dive into BRC-20, exploring its features and potential applications

16:00–16:20: Project Talk — Karate Combat

  • Insights into the Karate project and its listing on Gate

16:30–16:50: Project Talk — Uquid

  • Discussion on the Uquid project and its collaboration with Gate Vietnam

19:00–19:15: Evening Agenda and Guest Introduction

19:20–19:50: Traders Sharing Session — Experience in Trading (Sangkaros — Admin of Tradecoin KTS)

  • Sharing personal experiences and tips for successful trading

20:00–20:30: Traders Sharing Session — Tips for Trading in the Current Market (Omi Trader — Footprint Expert of 8xTRADING)

  • Strategies and advice for navigating the current market conditions

20:40–21:10: Traders Sharing Session — Copy Trading (Dan Cody)

  • Insights into copy trading techniques and its potential benefits

21:20–22:00: Traders Sharing Session — Airdrop/Retroactive (Nguyen Anh Ngoc — BDM of The Corn Capital)

  • Discussion on airdrops and retroactive rewards in the cryptocurrency space

Gate Vietnam has compiled an impressive list of potential guests, including Crypto Investment Group, Metahub & TheCoinDesk, Karate, Uquid, Coinmap & 8xtrading, TradeCoin KTS, Dan Cody, and Corn Capital. These notable individuals and projects will provide valuable perspectives and insights during their respective sessions.

To join the Streaming Day on 19th May 2023, participants can tune in to the live stream on official website or follow the event on Gate Vietnam’s social media channels.

Link to Gate Live:

Gate Vietnam invites all digital asset enthusiasts, traders, and investors to be part of this exciting event and take advantage of the invaluable insights shared by industry experts.