How to Find Crypto Gems in the Bear Market
2 min readJan 16


Finding new cryptocurrencies can be difficult. Early investors must assess the legitimacy and quality of upcoming project launches, sometimes without credibility or guarantees that a project will list on any major crypto exchanges. This can become even harder during the bear market when market conditions make it hard for a project to take off.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult or risky. But this begs the question, how do you find quality token launches? The answer is Startup, a token launch platform on the crypto exchange that provides users access to upcoming crypto project launches and listings.

What is Startup? Startup provides opportunities to find early-stage token launches and the ability to participate in discounted fundraising before they hit the market. Most projects that launch on the platform have surpassed their fundraising goals by massive amounts, ensuring that the project’s token will be listed on the spot market afterwards.

Impressive historical ROI

By using Startup to find new tokens, traders can be confident that a project and its team have been examined and vetted, making it easier to avoid scams and misleading projects. Each project listed on Startup is subject to a strict vetting process that assesses legitimacy and quality.

Additionally, looking at the history of projects launched through startup, all projects have successfully exceeded their fundraising goals. The most recent projects have raised around $40 million before launch. Moreover, even during bearish markets, Startup projects still managed to raise over $1 billion combined.

What’s most impressive is the record-high ROI (return on investment) from tokens featured on Startup, with the top three tokens reaching over 80x returns from the initial startup listing and airdrop, and these are only just three of the 626 total projects that have been featured on the platform.

A valuable tool to get in early Startup offers an optimal platform for discovering new tokens and projects ready to hit the market, eliminating some of the challenges of hunting for projects on social media. Regardless, traders should still do their research and know there are still risks, such as regulatory issues or market volatility. But, for traders that want to get in early during the bear market, Startup is a great place to start.