How New Listings on Work

In the ever changing cryptocurrency market, strives to ensure utmost user satisfaction. As the market continues to grow, many new projects join the scene every week and our users continually ask us to list some of these projects. This is how we decide on which projects to list on and exactly how one can submit listing requests:

Listing Criteria

As we have mentioned before, only lists high quality projects with long term potential, as such every project is thoroughly vetted to ensure the safety of our users’ capital and to maintain the integrity of our platform, which is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Our team looks into the project’s team, documentation, whitepaper and the community that supports it.

Listing Requests

Although social media can be a fun tool to interact with people across all spheres of life, has a dedicated Listing Request section where both users and projects can submit an application to list on our exchange. If you want to see something listed on, then submitting a request here, rather than on social media, is your best bet.

Listing Votes has several listing votes every week where users are encouraged to vote for certain projects if they want to see them listed on our exchange. If a listing request has been received and vetted, then we create a poll to see if users are interested in the project. For a project to be successfully listed, it requires at least 10,000,000 votes during the poll.

To vote on’s listing votes, users will be eligible to cast votes in proportion to their 14-day GateChain Token (GT) holding. For instance, if Bob is a new GT holder, and he buys and holds 14000 GT one day before the sale, then his average 14-day GT holding will be 1000GT as 14000GT/14 days, and he will therefore be eligible to cast 1000 votes. Startup

Projects that have listed on Startup and successfully reached or surpassed their fundraising goal, will automatically be listed on the exchange. These projects are usually listed within a few days after the Startup listing is complete, unless there is a lockup period such as with the recent delta.theta (DLTA) startup listing. has over 760 coins and tokens listed on our exchange, with new listings nearly every week. If you would like to see your project or a project you support listed on, then following the correct procedures, as outlined above, will go a long way towards a successful listing.

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