GateChain Launching DeFi Ecosystem & Labs Incubator Program
3 min readFeb 27, 2021


Smart contract EVM mainnet will go live on GateChain soon, characterized by high performance, secure infrastructure and low gas fees, empowering everyone to create and access highly secure & scalable dapps. In order for more blockchain projects to deploy their contracts on GateChain’s interoperable eco, we will initially launch the DeFi eco project matchmaking and Labs incubator recruitment program on February 20, 2021. Labs will fund $50 million (in cryptocurrency) and host a series of seed funding rounds ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars promoting and supporting high quality project development. GateChain’s community plays a vital role in its governance. Additionally, projects will be supported by to the best of its ability, including but not limited to
-Exposure to GateChain’s DeFi exchange and lending platform;
-Opportunity to gain more user support through Startup;
-Opportunity to list on;
-Opportunity to secure further investment rounds from Labs;
-Liquidity incentives, providing liquidity support for projects that pass the security audit.

Advantages of GateChain

GateChain, a high-performance permissionless blockchain, features a unique account mechanism addressing the dangers of hacks and loss of keys. The basic infrastructure with a high volume of up to 2000 TPS lays a solid foundation for the DeFi ecology, and can effectively solve the problem of high transfer fees. Meanwhile, it supports thousands of consensus nodes, making it a truly decentralized public chain.

-Low Gas fees: no more insane gas fees!.
-High Volume: no more congestions! Highly scalable DeFi applications!
-Highly Secure: supporting revocable transaction function!
-Clearing Mechanism: asset recovery in case of private key loss or theft.
-Instant confirmations: next-level block confirmations..
-One-Click Chain Issuance: open source basic SDK framework provides one-click cross-chain solutions for public chain projects.
-Cross-Chain Asset Transfers: Ether, Polkadot and Cosmos assets are fully supported.
-Decentralized: supports thousands of consensus nodes, robust PoS + Byzantine consensus mechanism.

GateChain EVM Solution:

GateChain uses Ethereum compatible EVM virtual machine and external interface, teams can easily deploy smart contracts through existing tools such as MetaMask, Remix and more, the original Ethereum smart contracts are 100% compatible. The test chain is currently open and resources for deploying products in the test chain include:
-Blockchain Browser:
-RPC Node: (for configuration in tools like Metamask, Truffle, Remix, etc.)
-ChainID: 1337
-Application test coin:

Let’s Build Together:

Every project is welcome to join GateChain’s eco and we are looking forward to recommendations of what you’d like to see built on top forwarded to the Labs team.

Does any of the below characterize your project or any teams you know?
~About to build a high-performance innovative project in the DeFi space.
~Already deployed contracts in an eco and want to access GateChain’s interoperability for lower gas fees and higher throughput.
~Already deployed contracts in an eco and want to provide similar infrastructure on GateChain.

The criteria of the incubation and seed funding programs were jointly developed and selected by Labs, GateChain, HipoDeFi and other teams.

Email application portal for new projects: is an established exchange that holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. We charge zero listing fees and only choose quality and promising projects. Our exchange consists only of 100% real trading volume. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in our journey. We always intend to improve and innovate to reward our users for their continuous support. Team