Gate Web3 Wallet Officially Partners with KaratDao
2 min readAug 31, 2023


Gate Web3 Wallet, the leading digital wallet offering by, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with KaratDao, the foremost ZKSync protocol. By collaborating with KaratDao, Gate Web3 Wallet users can enjoy seamless interaction with a protocol supported by over 300,000 active wallets, allowing a richer, integrated Web3 experience. Together, both platforms aim to revolutionize the decentralization and integration of Web2 and Web3 technologies.

About KaratDao:

KaratDao is at the cutting edge of the ZKSync protocol with 300,000+ active wallets, each verified through web3 and web2 data. Created by former Apple and Google engineers, along with a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur, KaratDao uses on-chain MPC and ZK tech to offer sharable Web2 & Web3 ID data.

With backers like Bitmart and NEO Eco, Karat takes user data encryption and decentralization to new heights by housing it on IPFS. The brand is setting a precedent with its mainnet, accelerating decentralized engagement, and giving a new feel to blockchain-backed Social-Fi. Dive deeper into the Karat world at KaratDao Website or get updates from their Twitter.

About Gate Web3 Wallet:

Gate Web3 Wallet is a premier non-custodial multi-chain wallet by It offers a free, secure, and all-inclusive suite for users to tap into the Web3 universe effortlessly. With Gate Web3 Wallet, managing assets across various blockchains couldn’t be easier. The innovative cloud backup feature ensures that sensitive data is encrypted and safely stored. In case of device changes, users can effortlessly restore all data with the cloud backup password. The wallet offers:

  1. Wide-ranging platform compatibility (including mobile, web, plugin).
  2. Support for numerous public chains and over 1,000 tokens.
  3. Creation of multiple accounts with instantaneous cloud backup.
  4. An integrated DApp browser and NFT store for smooth exploration and transactions.
  5. Pioneering features like Earn Tokens, Web3 Startup, Airdrop Blitz, and Quick Exchange.

Engage with Gate Web3 Wallet and explore the limitless possibilities of Web3.