Gate Web3 Wallet Integrates With LI.FI: Elevating Blockchain Interoperability
1 min readOct 24, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Gate Web3 Wallet has officially integrated with LI.FI, the trailblazer in bridge and DEX aggregation. Through this union, Gate Web3 Wallet global users can seamlessly move their assets across a myriad of blockchains. Through LI.FI’s unmatched aggregation capabilities, users will benefit from an enhanced ecosystem that integrates robust bridges across various EVM-compatible chains, optimized asset flow, and groundbreaking DEX integrations. With the vision of a decentralized future, Gate Web3 and LI.FI aims to redefine how users interact with blockchain assets across multiple platforms.

About LI.FI

Carving a niche in blockchain interoperability, LI.FI has rapidly cemented its status as the premier bridge and DEX aggregator. It’s not just a platform but a shining example of innovation and commitment. With its strong aggregation, supporting 14 bridges across 18+ EVM-compatible chains, LI.FI has consistently pushed boundaries. Their unwavering dedication provides users with a fluid, efficient, and decentralized method to move their assets, regardless of the blockchain or ecosystem.

Dive deep into LI.FI’s revolutionary offerings through their Official Website, or stay abreast of their latest breakthroughs on Twitter.