Gate Web3 Wallet Integrates with Eskrow, Atticc, and Ivy Maker
2 min readOct 24, 2023

We are glad to announce that Gate Web3 Wallet has integrated with another three innovative platforms — Atticc, Ivy Maker, and Eskrow, each introducing a new experience to Gate Web3 Wallet users. The integration of these platforms opens exciting possibilities for users to access fully decentralized peer-to-peer trading, on-chain social utilities, and diverse tools for creators, collectors, and traders.

New Possibilities


With zero additional fees, Eskrow is a valuable tool that allows two parties to exchange tokens without needing to trust one another. Everything is handled by smart contracts, where both parties must deposit the agreed assets into an Eskrow smart contract to complete a deal. Each Eskrow transaction can be tailored for various purposes, from private token trades to OTC, pre-sales, and more.


Written records, stories, history — they can all be lost to time, changed through alterations, and forgotten. With Atticc’s suite of social utility protocols, individuals and communities can transcribe their stories onto the blockchain, preserving what is written in an openly accessible manner forever.

Ivy Maker

Ivy Maker is an all-encompassing NFT platform with novel creation and incentive features, ready to carry users and creators into the Web3 NFT economy. Buy, trade, create, and launch digital assets with easy-to-use tools designed around respecting the rights of traders, collectors, and creators.

We are excited to introduce new ways for Gate Web3 Wallet users to benefit from the dynamic and diverse world of decentralized technologies. By continually enhancing the Web3 experience for users and elevating ambitious innovators, we aim to tip the scale on the global adoption of blockchain technology so everyone can harness its benefits.