Gate Web3 Wallet Integrates Four Leading Blockchain Platforms
3 min readOct 9, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Gate Web3 Wallet has recently integrated four innovative platforms — CPITOKEN, Dypius, MAXITY, and Etch Market, broadening the spectrum of blockchain opportunities for our users.

With these integrations, users can delve into various blockchain projects and services, from decentralized capital funding tools and robust ecosystems focused on global adoption to social impact protocols and community-driven marketplaces. Also, each platform brings unique offerings and perspectives to the table, enhancing the diversity and inclusivity of the Gate Web3 ecosystem.

The New Platforms


CPITOKEN is a decentralized Web3 tool used for capital financing, investment, business, and consumer financing. Gate Web3 Wallet users can leverage CPITOKEN for diverse investment and financing opportunities, enabling a more versatile and decentralized financial experience.

2. Dypius

Dypius is a decentralized ecosystem offering various products and services, focusing on scalability, security, and global adoption. Users can explore a wide range of crypto products and services, benefitting from enhanced security and scalability, and participate in the emerging Metaverse.


MAXITY is a Web3 Social Impact Protocol featuring a Charity NFT marketplace and a Symbiotic Metaverse. With the integration, Gate Web3 users have the opportunity to engage in social impact projects, trade in the Charity NFT marketplace, and explore the Symbiotic Metaverse.

4. Etch Market

Etch Market operates as a community-driven Ethscription Marketplace, Indexer, and Launchpad. The integration allows users to participate in a community-led marketplace, access a diverse range of Ethscriptions, and explore new projects on the Launchpad.

We are eager to work alongside these services and projects to provide our users a multifaceted and enriched blockchain experience. We believe in making Web3 accessible and diverse, not just for the next million users, but also as a vibrant platform for developers and innovators around the globe. Join us in exploring these new integrations, and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Gate Web3 Wallet!

About Gate Web3 Wallet

Gate Web3 Wallet is a premier cryptocurrency wallet, prioritizing the security and versatility of its platform. It offers many blockchain and cryptocurrency services that offer users a fair, transparent, and efficient asset management and exchange service.