Gate Web3 Perpetuals: A No-Compromise Web3-Ready Perpetuals DEX
4 min readJul 21, 2023

Regardless of where we are in the market cycle, development in the DeFi sector is stronger than ever as Web3 visionaries lay out their gameplans and crypto traders lean further toward decentralized platforms. One of those visionaries is, a veteran crypto exchange operating since 2013 that has ever-increasingly allocated resources to developing next-gen DeFi and Web3 technologies.

Aiming to take the more familiar and refined experience found on centralized platforms and merge that experience directly onto the blockchain,’s newest chapter in its DeFi saga is Gate Web3 Perpetuals.

What is Gate Web3 Perpetuals?

Gate Web3 Perpetuals is a layer-2 decentralized exchange for perpetual trading built upon ZK-Rollups and GateChain, a security-oriented smart contract blockchain. It brings a trading experience similar to a traditional crypto platform like, but all the trades and settlements are handled on-chain through non-custodial wallets and smart contracts.

The exchange supports BTC-USD and ETH-USD pairs with leverage up to 20x, while settlements and market quotes are in USDC. Stablecoin deposits and withdrawals are cross-chain, supporting Ethereum、Solana、Gate Chain、Cronos、BSC、ETC、Heco、Polygon、Optimism、 zkSync 、Arbitrum, and more. In addition, traders are offered a lot of flexibility with their margin as multiple positions can be opened using the same collateral, known as cross margin, along with automatic rebalancing that protects traders from liquidation.

Advantages of Gate Web3 Perpetuals

Zooming out beyond the surface, Gate Web3 Perpetuals has several features that make it an attractive platform for traders. First of all, the traders remain in control of their assets, secured by smart contracts that inherit the security benefits of blockchain. In a time of heightened concern around asset custody, traders can access more advanced trading, such as perpetual contracts, without worry.

Further, transactions are settled in a matter of minutes, allowing traders to keep up with the constantly evolving markets. Transactions are batched together and submitted on-chain using ZK-Rollups, which helps traders save big on transaction fees and has additional privacy-preserving and security-boosting features.

Lastly, Gate Web3 Perpetuals is a part of the Gate DeFi ecosystem, allowing users to quickly and seamlessly leverage the ecosystem’s cross-chain functionalities, the security and multi-chain compatibility of GateChain, and other DeFi applications and tools.

Building for today and the future

Gate Web3 Perpetuals is bringing a new way to trade perpetual contracts by checking several boxes that traders seek. Namely, it provides a fast, decentralized, and secure way to trade, offering an alternative exchange for traders that want to self-custody their assets without losing out on features provided by traditional crypto exchanges.

Web3 is materializing as blockchain begins to transcend the internet and everyday life, and Gate Web3 Perpetuals is innovating to meet the evolving demands of crypto traders. As a result, the exchange may become a contender among leading decentralized trading platforms by combining the best of all worlds.

Minimizing risk

One of the core concerns of crypto traders is security, primarily with on-chain smart contract exploits. To mitigate this, developers must submit their applications to rigorous testing and review, often through software auditing companies specializing in blockchain. The team behind Gate Web3 Perpetuals has subjected the exchange to thorough reviews that identify any potential vulnerabilities, utilizing a mix of internal experts and professional auditors to bolster security.

Another common concern with traders is the loss or theft of private keys, leading to unauthorized access to a trader’s assets. However, GateChain offers a novel way to protect from loss or theft. GateChain users can set up recovery wallets and time-delay transactions to retrieve lost wallets and prevent unauthorized transactions. All of this exists on-chain as built-in features of GateChain.

The next big perpetuals DEX?

Gate Web3 Perpetuals is gearing up for the future of crypto trading, using next-gen innovations like zero-knowledge technology to offer lightning-fast on-chain trading combined with comprehensive security and functionality. As the fate of crypto trading shifts more toward Web3-based applications as traders seek out secure and full-fledged trading experiences cemented on the blockchain, Gate Web3 Perpetuals is marking its territory as the next Web3-ready decentralized perpetuals exchange.