Gate Web3 Has It All: Self-Custody Wallet Tools, Perpetuals DEX, Cross-Chain Swaps, and More
3 min readMay 25, 2023


Decentralized exchanges have experienced rapid growth in popularity and functionality to the point of rivalling some centralized exchanges. Both types of exchanges have pros and cons and are better suited for different situations, user types, and trading scenarios. However, things are inevitably heading towards Web3, a decentralized, tokenized, blockchain-integrated Internet, and users will need smooth, secure, and feature-filled tools to access the future web.

Everything Web3, all in one place

Just recently,, one of the world’s largest and longest-running exchanges, launched Gate Web3, a set of Web3-ready tools and applications that help users access next-gen decentralized finance. Gate Web3 is a multifaceted, cross-chain Web3 platform available to anyone with a crypto wallet– not to be confused with the main exchange.

The new platform consists of non-custodial wallet tools to help users view, manage, track, receive, and send digital assets. In addition, several other decentralized applications enable users to swap tokens between multiple chains, browse and make offers on NFTs, and trade contracts on a fully-featured perpetuals DEX (decentralized exchange). Lastly, the Dapp (decentralized application) dashboard provides a comprehensive database for over 10,000 Web3 applications, such as trading platforms and marketplaces. And there’s even more than that; we’re just scratching the surface here.

A crossover between portfolio and wallet apps

At the center of the Gate Web3 platform is the Wallet Center dashboard, where users connect their crypto wallets to send, receive, view, and manage their digital assets across multiple blockchains. The dashboard displays info on the tokens and NFTs in a user’s wallet, such as balance, live price, allocation, and more. It’s a convenient and straightforward way for users to transact while staying up-to-date with market data and other info about their assets, all while remaining non-custodial by interfacing with existing wallet applications and browser extensions.

Order book futures trading, but it’s decentralized

Gate Web3’s perpetuals DEX may be the pinnacle of cross-chain decentralized contract trading, offering an experience reminiscent of centralized exchanges while remaining on-chain and secure by smart contracts and ZK (zero-knowledge) technology. Here, users will find an order book-style perpetual futures exchange with high liquidity and a deep market supporting over 50 different cryptocurrencies (and counting). Connect a wallet and trade with the confidence of trustless, permissionless, ZK-powered tech.

Marking a decade with innovation, Lambo giveaways, and more!

With the launch of Gate Web3, a new avenue has opened for to facilitate secure and comprehensive digital asset services to worldwide users, but now with a more refined focus on decentralization, financial inclusion, and preparing users for the Internet of tomorrow. is also celebrating its 10th anniversary as it shifts toward providing decentralized and Web3-ready options for global crypto users. In addition, several other new products and activities have been launched alongside Gate Web3, such as Gate Wealth, a new wealth management offering, and several giveaways, airdrops, and competitions with prizes as big as a Lambo. All of this can be found on’s 10th anniversary home page.