Gate Web3 Delivered a Stellar Side Event at IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto, Japan’s Largest Crypto Conference
2 min readJul 5, 2023

Gate Web3 successfully held a side event in conjunction with IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto, Japan’s largest crypto conference. The side event took place on June 28, 2023, at the prestigious Fortune Garden Kyoto, attracting a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and enthusiasts.

IVS Crypto 2023 Kyoto, known as Japan’s largest crypto conference, drew over 10,000 participants from around the world. With more than 400 speakers, 200 meetings, and 100 side events, the summit offered an unparalleled platform for collaboration and innovation. During the summit, the event hosted by Gate Web3 provided participants with an excellent opportunity to obtain the latest industry insights and learn about industry development trends, and the company also demonstrated its determination to strengthen its presence in the Japanese market.

The Gate Web3 event featured a series of engaging activities throughout the evening. The leadership team of Gate Web3 delivered speeches and presented the company’s achievements in Japan and globally through a captivating presentation. Afterwards, prominent industry figures and other participants engaged in free discussion on various topics, including future directions and opportunities of Web3, as well as Gate Web3’s positioning in the field.

The event offered numerous benefits to the participants, including the chance to take part in a lottery session and enjoy interactive benefits throughout the event. The climax of the event was an exciting lottery session, where the winners were announced in person.

The Gate Web3 event not only facilitated industry knowledge and insight sharing, but also fostered collaborations between counterparts in the industry. Gate Web3 looks forward to building on this momentum, continuing to provide innovative solutions and exceptional experiences to cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Japan.