Gate Wealth Referral Program: Claim Bonus APR up to 12% and Instant VIP Upgrades
2 min readJun 30, 2023

While the crypto market is saturated with nearly unlimited financial opportunities, finding and exploiting them while balancing risk and reward can be cumbersome, especially when managing funds for your own clients. Which asset to choose? When to enter and exit? What style of trading is best for what scenario? This can complicate crypto investing for traders who want a straightforward and low-risk way to grow their own or their client’s wealth.

A great way to avoid the pitfalls of navigating the volatile crypto markets is to utilize structured wealth management products on Gate Wealth. Asset managers and high-net-worth individuals can tap into professionally curated investment products with guaranteed returns. Rather than plunging into the unknowns, expert traders implement battle-tested investment solutions that are years in the making. With just a few clicks, traders can earn through Gate Wealth on their own terms. Everything is fully customizable, whether it be stable and predictable returns or chasing greater returns through highly-diverse structured investment products.

Exclusive bonuses and APR for Gate Wealth users

Whether new to Gate Wealth or just testing the waters, you can earn a bonus of up to 12% APR and VIP upgrades by completing tasks in the Gate Wealth Referral Program, which is part of’s 10th Anniversary celebrations.

Event 1: 12% Bonus APR offers up to 12% APR commission to users who invite their friends and other new users. To be eligible, your newly invited users must register on and subscribe to Gate Wealth’s Stable Income products. This is a no-brainer and an easy way to earn extra bonuses on Gate Wealth.

Event 2: VIP upgrades with exclusive perks

For any user that participates in Event 1 as either an inviter or invitee, offers a 30-day upgrade to each user’s VIP level. This means that whatever a user’s current VIP level is, they will receive an immediate upgrade as high as three levels above their current. Users only need to meet certain subscription dollar amounts to qualify.

Event 3: Provide feedback, get more upgrades

Users can claim another VIP level upgrade by participating in the feedback event. Gate Wealth is looking for feedback on its products, and users who provide their input on at least 1 product can claim an additional 30-day VIP+1 upgrade.

Head over to the Gate Wealth Referral Program to register and find more details, rules, and eligibility requirements. The events are open until July 23, 2023.