Gate Ventures Invests in Crossover Markets Group to Propel Digital Asset Trading and Innovative Technology Development
3 min readApr 6, 2023

Gate Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm under Gate Group, announced its investment in Crossover Markets Group’s seed round financing to support the company’s ecosystem development and user growth back in 2022. The investment aimed to further stimulate innovation within the digital asset trading market. is the only crypto-native investor participating in this seed round of financing. In the future, will collaborate with Crossover Markets Group on various aspects, including compliance, custody, and trading.

Crossover Markets Group recently unveiled CROSSx, the world’s premier execution-based digital asset trading venue, aimed at eliminating conflicts of interest by separating transaction execution from custody and brokerage. This approach allows institutions to select their credit counterparties freely. As an execution-only trading venue provider, Crossover neither holds client funds nor handles assets directly, nor does it assume counterparty risk.

CROSSx: Pioneering Execution-Based Digital Asset Trading Venue

CROSSx is an innovative execution digital asset trading venue solely executing encrypted electronic communication networks (ECN). The platform offers retail and institutional investors a seamless trading experience, boasting features and advantages unmatched by other platforms.

CROSSx introduces one of the world’s fastest cryptocurrency trading engines, designed to significantly reduce transaction costs, improve execution quality, and enhance market data capabilities. With a matching engine latency below 20 microseconds and throughput of millions of messages per second, CROSSx far surpasses the speed of conventional cryptocurrency exchanges, delivering the fastest pricing and trade execution for clients.

CROSSx provides extensive liquidity customization, enabling clients to create custom liquidity pools to trade with their preferred counterparties based on desired trade size, spread, and tilt protection. Catering to client needs, CROSSx supports anonymous, public, and semi-public transactions through one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many connections. Furthermore, transaction fees on CROSSx rank among the industry’s lowest.

CROSSx’s seed round attracted a coalition of investors, including Flow Traders, Nomura’s Laser Digital, Two Sigma, Wintermute Ventures,, and Retail Brokers Alliance.

Gate Ventures: A Venture Capital Firm Championing Innovative Technologies

Gate Ventures is a globally recognized venture capital firm specializing in investments in decentralized infrastructure, ecosystems, and applications within the Web 3.0 era. The firm boasts extensive investment experience and resources in digital assets, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other fields.

Recognizing CROSSx’s potential to transform the digital asset trading market, Gate Ventures’ investment demonstrates the firm’s dedication to supporting groundbreaking technologies. In a statement, Gate Ventures expressed confidence in the CROSSx team and acknowledged the platform’s potential. The investment is expected to furnish CROSSx with the resources necessary for continued platform development and user base expansion.

Gate Ventures’ involvement in Crossover Markets Group’s seed round marks an important milestone anticipated to spur growth and innovation in the digital asset trading market, setting the stage for other companies to follow suit. As the world’s first execution-based digital asset trading venue, CROSSx will offer investors a robust trading platform, making digital asset transactions more convenient, efficient, and secure.