Gate Ventures Backs EthStorage’s Game-Changing Blockchain Storage Solution
2 min readAug 2, 2023

Gate Ventures, the venture capital arm of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed its investment in EthStorage, an innovative, cost-effective, and dynamic blockchain storage solution.

EthStorage is a rollup storage solution built upon Ethereum. It has several key benefits that stand out against existing solutions. Namely, it enables cost-effective, dynamic storage management (create, read, update, delete), programmable storage through smart contracts, the ability to complete application and storage logic in single transactions, and zero onboarding costs as it’s all built on Ethereum and uses ETH (Ether) as a payment method.

Gate Ventures has taken an interest in EthStorage due to its innovative approach to resolving challenges found in existing blockchain storage solutions. Furthermore, it provides several features not found in other protocols while also leveraging the security, compatibility, and familiarity of the Ethereum blockchain.

Gate Ventures is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of its investment partners, such as EthStorage. With a focus on decentralized technologies that have the potential to reshape society in the digital age, Gate Ventures aims to act as an investor and as a builder, ultimately aiming to redefine social and financial interactions.

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