Gate Pay Launches to Simplify International Flight Booking with Crypto
3 min readAug 16, 2023

Gate Pay, the world’s leading crypto payment gateway developed by, partnered with, a Web 3.0 flight and hotel OTA (online travel agency). Relying on the power of blockchain and’s diverse ecosystem, the two parties will cooperate closely to integrate cryptocurrency into the travel market, create simple and compliant payment options, and introduce decentralized travel booking experiences for users. All of this will result in new digital asset travel solutions that meet the needs of Web 3.0 users.

As the first cryptocurrency payment gateway integrated with, Gate Pay will empower travellers to utilize their digital assets better. Users can find the BeezTrip applet on’s MiniApp to browse, book, and pay for air travel. The platform supports several mainstream stablecoins. Further, there are no account creation or KYC requirements and no transaction fees. As a result, it fits right into the emerging world of Web 3.0, creating streamlined pathways for accessible digital asset utilization.

The partnership further connects digital assets with everyday life, removing unnecessary currency conversion fees and expanding the application of digital assets, all while providing a smooth and convenient travel booking experience. Also, new services such as domestic flight and hotel reservations will be introduced in the future.

Feng Zhou, head of Gate Pay service said, “Our platform supports the largest selection of cryptocurrencies worldwide, at more than 1,700. This new comprehensive cooperative relationship with greatly enhances Gate Pay’s ecosystem beyond its core functions. It is a critical step in Gate Pay’s development.”

Liz Li, founder of, said, “The collaboration is an important exploration in the use of digital assets for goods and services, and it will inevitably unlock new value for the digital assets of millions of users. and Gate Pay’s partnership is a link to actively exploring an emerging market and creating new business opportunities in Web 3.0.”

Currently, BeezTrip supports 500,000+ routes from more than 700 airlines in 140 countries, covering 200,000 destinations and 400,000+ hotels. Once officially integrates Gate Pay, it will initially focus on providing solutions for travel needs before later supporting other features. is a strong leader in promoting the large-scale popularization of encrypted assets worldwide. Illuminate the everyday life of Web 2.0 with the value principles of Web 3.0.

About Gate Pay Gate Pay is a robust, accessible, and speedy cryptocurrency payment technology developed by It is designed to cater to the Web 3.0 needs of merchants and individual users who wish to send and receive cryptocurrency payments anytime, anywhere. Gate Pay supports payments in more than 30 major cryptocurrencies and allows real-time conversion between more than 1,700 cryptocurrencies.

About Beeztrip is a Web 3.0 product provider based in Hong Kong, supporting direct payment and booking of flights and hotels using Defi-wallets such as Metamask, OKX, Bitkeep, Trust, etc. There’s no need to create an account or KYC, and it’s not necessary to link a credit card. Currently, it supports two stablecoins: USDT and USDC, with more currencies planned to be added in the future.