Gate Pay and Partner to Advance Crypto Payment Adoption in Georgia and Europe
3 min readApr 18, 2023


Gate Pay, the crypto payment service product by the global leading CEX, has announced a strategic partnership with, a fast-growing crypto payment startup based in Georgia, allowing over 600 Georgian vendors to get access to fast and convenient crypto payment options for their goods and services.

The partnership will potentially bridge millions of and Gate Pay users with hundreds of merchants across Georgia, covering people’s major daily activities, such as hotel booking, supermarket shopping, restaurant billing, etc. Notably, one of the partners of is a major restaurant chain Wendy’s, where customers can easily pay for their food with cryptos.

Founded in 2013, provides a wide range of crypto services to over 13 million users worldwide with its all-around services featuring everything from comprehensive crypto trading products to fiat-to-crypto exchange services. The new partnership with represents another step towards increasing the application scenarios for Gate Pay users, especially in the European region.

“Gate Pay was launched at the end of 2022 with a vision to bridge the gap between Web3 and people’s daily life by connecting millions of users with crypto-friendly businesses, products, and applications,” according to Gate Pay Director Feng Zhou. Since it went live, the Gate Pay team has been working with global partners like CityPay to bring the seamless crypto payments service to merchants around the globe. Gate Pay provides full support to business partners in integrating Gate Pay, whether already crypto-friendly or new adopters.

The combination of Gate Pay’s broad user base, excellent user experience, and’s existing business network and coverage in Georgia will create great synergies in accelerating the business growth for both companies. In the future, Gate Pay and will work together to provide the reliable web3 shopping experience for more people and merchants in the region.

About Gate Pay

Gate Pay is a secure, free, and fast cryptocurrency payment function developed by to meet the Web 3.0 needs of merchants and individual users to pay and receive cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere. Users can make crypto payments for any online goods or services in a seamless way by simply scanning the OR codes or making on-chain transfers. Currently, Gate Pay supports over 30 mainstream cryptocurrencies in payments directly and also enables users to instantly convert among over 1500 cryptocurrencies.

About creates high-tech system for businesses enabling them to receive customer payments in cryptocurrency. Founded in 2020, the company already supports hundreds of companies and boosted their sales by adopting new additional ways of receiving payments. helps businesses to have access to international customers and receive payments in cryptocurrency from any point of the world instantly, cutting down costs 5 times and offering their clients more independent and 100% anonymous transactions.