Gate Learn Upgrades: Smart Contracts 101, Multilingual Support, Writer and Ambassador Recruitment
3 min readJun 16, 2023

What are smart contracts? Most of us share at least a general idea: a set of rules that dictate how a digital asset works. However, the rest may seem mysterious, shrouded in code.

Smart Contracts 101, a newly released free course on Gate Learn, helps lift the veil off smart contracts, breaking down the basic concepts in a way everyone can understand. This course introduces readers to smart contracts and how to code a rudimentary contract using the Solidity programming language. Whether you’re an aspiring developer or a crypto user looking to broaden your grasp, you will surely walk away with a more concrete idea of this fundamental aspect of the crypto world.

The new smart contracts course is also a part of Gate Learn’s study week series, which highlights other new courses covering the fundamentals of tokens and an introduction to niche types, such as oracle tokens. Best of all, added multilingual support for all content on Gate Learn so that you can learn about blockchain in several languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, and more.

What is Gate Learn?

Newcomers and seasoned users alike need informative, easily consumable, up-to-date, and, most importantly, free content. set out to provide this with Gate Learn, an openly accessible blockchain and cryptocurrency education platform for users of all knowledge levels.

On Gate Learn, readers can access content catered to beginners, intermediates, and advanced users. For a quick read, articles provide brief but comprehensive summaries of various topics on the tech behind blockchain and investing in the crypto markets. For a more structured learning experience, Gate Learn has dozens of courses that offer step-by-step guides, starting from the basics and then working into the finer details.

Get involved and get rewarded with Gate Learn

Through the Creator’s Arena and Campus Ambassador Program, Gate Learn welcomes knowledgeable crypto-enthusiasts who are driven to educate others and spread awareness about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Creator’s Arena offers up to 150 USDT as a reward for submitting quality informational and educational content that Gate Learn publishes. Writers can choose their topic, whether about products, DeFi, Layer1, or anything crypto-related. Once submitted, reviewed, and approved for publishing by the Gate Learn team, writers will receive a reward based on the quality of their content. Gate Learn is seeking all talented creators, so if you’re interested, it’s worth checking out.

For students looking to be more involved in the crypto industry, Gate Learn is looking for talented college and university students to become ambassadors of blockchain education for their local campuses. As a member of the Gate Learn Campus Ambassador Program, you will experience working with a global crypto exchange to familiarize your peers with blockchain and crypto through social platforms and in-person events. Gate Learn welcomes blockchain enthusiasts who are currently in university or college, possess great communication skills, and want to promote blockchain adoption and education.