Gate Learn Sponsors Blockchain Event Hosted by Hanoi Foreign Trade University
2 min readDec 29, 2022

Gate Learn, the crypto education arm of, sponsored a blockchain event organized by the Vietnam Blockchain Association and the Hanoi Foreign Trade University (FTU). During the event, Gate Group presented insights into cultivating talent in the industry and the country’s developing blockchain economy.
The event was centered around a seminar with speakers and attendees from the blockchain industry, including politicians, Blockchain Association members, and blockchain and fintech companies. Over 300 students attended alongside mentors and presidents of the FTU. Discussions concerned blockchain technology, its impact on Vietnam’s digital economy, and education for students pursuing the industry.

Mai Ngo, Operation Head of Gate Vietnam, put forward constructive and insightful views on cultivating talent to support the blockchain industry and the overall development of the Vietnamese economy. Furthermore, Mai emphasized the importance of blockchain education for students through industry participation, as they are the leading group entering the field, and that data privacy and asset security should be fundamental to blockchain education and training.
The Vietnamese government has attached great importance to the digital economy and blockchain’s role in research, training, and higher education development. The Hanoi Foreign Trade University has made the development of blockchain education and training programs a core part of its mission.

As confirmed by representatives from both entities at the event, the Vietnam Blockchain Association and Hanoi Foreign Trade University signed a cooperation agreement to address challenges and provide solutions to cultivating talent in the blockchain industry. The two aligned under the common goal of aiding development, research, and education in the blockchain industry to build a robust digital economy in the country.

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