Gate Learn Offers $1k USDTEST for Studying Courses to Celebrate’s 10th Anniversary
2 min readJun 7, 2023

Traders looking to catch up on their crypto knowledge before the next bull run can claim $1,000 worth of rewards on Gate Learn,’s blockchain education platform. The prizes can be claimed by participants who study content on Gate Learn, including one of the several newly released courses. Also, Gate Learn is handing out rewards of up to $150 for high-quality content submissions.

Study crypto, earn $1,000 in USDTEST

Gate Learn is launching this special study event to celebrate’s 10th anniversary. To participate, users must fill out a registration form, study any Gate Learn course, and share their experiences. The rewards are paid out in USDTEST, which are stakeable bonus funds that can earn free and redeemable interest. Full details, rules, and the registration form are available in the event’s announcement.

Which courses to study?

Gate Learn is a free education platform that helps new and seasoned users self-educate about blockchain and crypto. The covered topics are all-encompassing, touching on areas like technical analysis and markets, underlying technologies, information about individual cryptocurrencies, and various terminologies. Users will find beginner and advanced content in summary articles and full-on step-by-step courses designed for all knowledge levels.

So, where to begin? Well, for those new to crypto or looking to get a refresh on the basics, a good place would be Crypto 101, a brand new six-lesson course that walks users through the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, and more.

Also, there are brand new courses like the Blockchain-based Airdrops Guide, which teaches about how token airdrops work, and other new content on Fully Diluted Market Cap (FDV), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BTC TwelveFold, Akita Inu Coin (AKITA), and much, much more.

Get paid to create educational content

To help expand the Gate Learn platform to as many topics as possible, Gate Learn is seeking content creators who can construct exceptional content on any crypto, blockchain, or other related topics. Creators can receive a maximum reward of $150 for top-quality content approved and published by Gate Learn.

To begin earning, creators must first apply to the Creator Rewards Program. Just about anyone who is passionate about crypto and blockchain and enjoys writing can apply. Moreover, repeat creators can earn extra bonuses for their commitment to sharing knowledge and helping crypto adoption.