Gate Learn and Korea University Partner to Launch Blockchain Courses
2 min readMar 9


Gate Learn, the blockchain and Web3 education arm of global crypto exchange, has cooperated with Korea University’s Blockchain Research Institute on blockchain research and education since January 2023. Both are jointly committed to promoting, researching, and spreading awareness about blockchain to benefit education and entrepreneurship.

Based in South Korea, the Blockchain Research Institute has provided Gate Learn with courses on topics such as CC0 and blue chip NFTs, along with market overviews, trends, and evaluations. Freely available to anyone, these courses help users and students understand the dynamics of the NFT world and how to participate.

gaTEIn addition, Gate Learn has completed courses for the Blockchain Research Institute, covering blockchain security, privacy, governance, and more. These courses will further enhance students’ in-depth understanding and practical knowledge of blockchain technology. Users can view more details by visiting

Gate Learn is actively negotiating with other global academic experts and universities to expand its educational services, aiming to become the world’s leading blockchain education institution. It will carry out educational activities on a global scale to allow more people to benefit from the knowledge of blockchain technology.

Gate Learn has always advocated equality in education so everyone can benefit from greater financial inclusion, acquire basic and professional technological knowledge, and achieve their financial goals. At present, Gate Learn is planning several activities at campuses around the world and has successfully held seminars at the University of Jambi in Indonesia, the University of California, Berkeley, and the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam, among others, and will launch diversified educational services worldwide in the future.

About Korea University Blockchain Institute

At its core, Korea University’s Blockchain Research Institute extensively develops blockchain technology, serves in formulating and revising blockchain-related laws and institutions, and supports business development through the in-depth development of business models. Research areas involve blockchain-based technology research, legal/model research, business model research, informatization research, logistics information research and Internet of Things research.