’s Philanthropic Frontier: Harnessing Crypto for a Better World
2 min readMar 27, 2023


Since its establishment, Gate Charity has been dedicated to bringing innovation and efficiency to the world of philanthropy. By leveraging blockchain technology and innovative solutions, Gate Charity has been able to conduct donations across continents and introduce project donation gateways.

One of the key initiatives that Gate Charity recently introduced is the project donation gateway. This gateway allows donors to directly donate to a specific project that they support, ensuring that their contributions are used for a specific cause. This provides donors with transparency and a sense of control over their contributions.

Over the years, Gate Charity has conducted 27 donations across continents, providing aid and support to communities in need. These donations have been focused on a range of causes, including disaster relief, education, and healthcare. Details of these events can be found on the Gate Charity website.

One example of Gate Charity’s innovative solutions for blockchain charity is the recent partnership with a charity organization in Turkey. This partnership introduced a new way of conducting charitable donations using blockchain technology. The project allowed donors to make contributions using cryptocurrencies, which were then converted into Turkish lira to provide aid to children in need.

In Vietnam, the Gate Charity team collaborated with a local charity to provide educational resources to disadvantaged children. Through the project, the team was able to distribute tablets loaded with educational software to children in rural areas, helping to bridge the education gap and provide better opportunities for their future.

In the Philippines, Gate Charity partnered with a local charity to provide healthcare services to those in need. Through this project, the team provided free medical check-ups and distributed medicines to patients who were unable to afford healthcare services.

In South Korea, Gate Charity teamed up with a charity organization to provide aid to those affected by natural disasters. The team provided food, water, and other essential items to those who were displaced by the disaster, helping to alleviate the impact of the disaster on the affected communities.

In conclusion, Gate Charity has made significant strides in the world of philanthropy through its innovative solutions and dedication to transparency and efficiency. By providing project donation gateways, conducting donations across continents, and introducing blockchain technology to charity, Gate Charity has proven to be a game-changer in the world of philanthropy.