’s New Fraction Token Brings Liquidity and Accessibility to Popular NFTs
3 min readDec 28, 2022

The high price and the limited number of high-value or popular NFTs pose liquidity challenges and make them unattainable for the average trader. To make the most popular NFTs more accessible and available on the market, the global cryptocurrency exchange has launched Fraction Tokens.

Fraction Tokens on allows traders to buy and sell ERC-20 tokens pegged to an underlying NFT asset, enabling traders to better access and trade NFTs from the most popular collections. Users can easily buy and sell Faction Tokens on’s spot trading market, greatly improving the liquidity of the NFT market.

The first release at launch is the CryptoPunks collection, created by Lava Labs, which has become one of the most iconic collections in the NFT space. On, the collection will be tradable as a fractional token under the IPUNKS symbol and paired with USDT.

What are NFT Fraction Tokens on’s Fraction Tokens are tradable in the same manner as assets on the spot market, with the ability to place buy and sell orders of various quantities, significantly reducing the capital needed to invest in high-value collections and enabling a much more liquid NFT market. For example, IPUNKS tokens are tradeable ERC-20 tokens, each equivalent to 1/10,000 share of a specific NFT from the CryptoPunks collection in the Gate NFT library.

Furthermore, NFT ownership is obtainable with fraction tokens as they are tradable at a fixed rate with Fractional NFTs on, which are assets that provide the holder with a share of ownership of an underlying NFT asset proportional to the number of fractions held. So traders can obtain shares of a high-value NFT at a lower cost by acquiring either Fraction Tokens or Fractional NFTs themselves. simplifies and liquefies the NFT market

Aside from reducing the entry price for popular NFTs, makes it easier to manage trading NFTs on the market by streamlining the process to resemble spot trading. In addition, users benefit from the high liquidity found on’s markets and the free transfer between NFT faction tokens and fractional NFTs.

Dr. Lin Han, Founder and CEO of, said, “As one of the first exchanges to fully support fractional NFTs, we continue to upgrade our trading products to provide users with diversified NFT investment opportunities. With this new launch, any NFT enthusiast, regardless of portfolio size, can easily enter the market and become a collector or trader of high-value NFTs.”

Disclaimer: Fraction Tokens are a project led by an exchange fund on a crypto exchange that holds custody of non-fungible tokens with the goal of improving NFT liquidity in the market. This project is not carried out for commercial purposes and does not generate any other income other than the basic transaction fee. (This article does not constitute any investment advice, nor does it assume any responsibility for risks from market fluctuations.)