’s Fiat On-ramp Let’s You Buy A Variety Of Coins Using Your Bank Card
2 min readMar 2, 2022


Cryptocurrencies have become quite the buzzword since first introduced and it is no longer news that they are here to stay. As a result, the numbers of people and organisations willing to get involved and become investors for different reasons, continue to increase by the day.

Since the first entry point to becoming an investor is actually buying some coins,, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms has now adopted one of the easiest ways possible to buy cryptocurrencies and digital assets, keeping the process effortless and guaranteeing a smooth trading experience for all users.’s Fiat On-ramp’s Fiat On-ramp allows its over 10 million users to deposit more than 15 available supported currencies, and buy varieties of coins including BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP, and more with their credit/debit cards.

There are over 15 supported currencies available, some of which include GBPS, USD, EUR, HKD, KRW, DKK, and more, that can safely be deposited by users on the platform. has since partnered with some reputable licensed financial institutions to provide and manage easy payment methods for all users globally.

Simplex allows integration with Simplex to offer the widest range of payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, SEPA, SWIFT, Apple Pay, and more at 10 USD.


Bridging the fiat and crypto worlds, uses Mecuryo to accept fiat payments for cryptocurrency purchases at a fee of 19 USD.


Partnering with Moonpay, the exchange platform offers users a customizable and seamless transaction process at a fee of 22.73 USD.


Allowing users to make fiat deposits for purchases through MasterCard, Visa, SEPA, provides users with one of the safest payment methods with Coinify at a rate of 4.99 USD.

BANXA guarantees a wide range of risk-free local and global payment options at no cost at all from Feb 21, 2022 to Feb 28, 2022 as a promotional offer, and subsequently, a low fee of 9.76 USD.

Advcash partners with Advcash to aid the simplification of the purchase process of cryptocurrency by depositing fiat currencies at a fee of 14.99 USD for the USD and EUR currencies, and a 2.95% commission based fee on all fiat currencies other than the USD or EUR.

To learn more and start trading, visit the Buy Crypto section on and enjoy all the available offers.