’s Campus Ambassador Programs Offers Onramp to the Blockchain and Crypto Industry
2 min readDec 23, 2022

Student interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency has grown significantly. However, while some schools have begun including blockchain in their curricula, it’s not yet a widely available area of study. To help accelerate blockchain education, the crypto exchange recently started accepting student applications for its Campus Ambassador Program.

Gaining relevant work experience while studying can be challenging, especially for students aspiring to branch outside their specific field. This new program offers a bridge for students to get a foothold in the blockchain industry through one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Ambassadors can build their skillset by familiarizing themselves with’s product, business, and marketing departments and participating in crypto education projects.

Blockchain industry experience for students

Hosted on Gate Learn,’s crypto education platform, the Campus Ambassador Program welcomes students who are interested in blockchain, have the drive to teach their peers, and want the opportunity to gain experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. launched Gate Learn as a gateway to crypto and blockchain learning. The platform features educational content covering various topics, ranging from basic terms and concepts to intermediate and advanced technical knowledge.

Aspiring blockchain experts or eager crypto enthusiasts can join the program to receive the Gate Learn Global Ambassador title. By acquiring the Gate Learn completion certificate and working with’s event and content teams, ambassadors have the opportunity to work on crypto projects and gain extracurricular experience in the industry before graduation.

Best of all, the expectations of Campus Ambassadors are engaging and challenging but still manageable. Responsibilities include creating innovative ways to educate others about cryptocurrency and being the bridge on campus and social media between students, schools, and Gate Learn’s functions and services.

Students interested in the program can find more info and apply by visiting the Campus Ambassador Program announcement on the website.