Weekly Report Trading Volume


Trade and Deposit Competition

1. BitTorrent Trade and Deposit Competition — Win up to 30 million BTT

Important Announcement

1. is now accepting users from USA, Japan and Canada

2. will Airdrop VTHO (VeThor) and Open VTHO/ETH Market will enable VTHO/ETH market. is going to distribute VTHO to VET holders every two weeks based on their daily VET balance snapshot. (To make it fairer, we take a snapshot at a random time every day.) More details

3. Supports Theta(THETA) Mainnet Swap

According to official announcement from Theta(THETA), Theta team will release the mainnet on March 15, 2019. will support the swap at the ratio of 1:1. The Theta(THETA) snapshot will take place at UTC 19:00, March 12. Please deposit THETA before then. Also, Theta Fuel will be distributed at a ratio of 1:5 (Theta:Theta Fuel). More details

4. Supports Lympo(LYM) Smart Contract Upgrade

According to Lympo(LYM) official announcement, Lympo will upgrade the smart contract, which was carried out on Feb. 27. will suspend deposits and withdrawals of LYM, but the trading service of LYM won’t be suspended. After the upgrade, the new LYM tokens will be swapped automatically. More details Supports AE (Aeternity) Hard Fork will support Aeternity blockchain’s Minerva Upgrade. According to the official announcement from AE(Aeternity), the first hard fork — Minerva Upgrade-since the AE mainnet launch is likely to become active around March 6, 2019. More details

6. Distributed ONG to ONT Holders(2 times of the official ratio) has distributed ONG to the ONT holders at the ratio 2 times of the official ratio.



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