Weekly Report

2019.02.25- 2019.03.03 Trading Volume


The total trading volume on from 02/25/19 to 03/03/19 was around $359M, and the daily average trading volume was around $51M.

Trade and Deposit Competition

1. BitTorrent Trade and Deposit Competition — Win up to 30 million BTT

Trade and Deposit BTT on to win up to 30 million BTT rewards.

Activity Time:

2019/02/25 04:00 (UTC) — 2019/03/07 04:00 (UTC) (10 days)

1.Deposit Competition — — Win 10 Million BTT

TOP 100 BTT net deposit accounts will share 10 million BTT reward. Net deposit = deposit — withdrawal (excluding transfers between accounts)

The share ratio of BTT:

(1) The first prize:2.5 million BTT

(2) The second prize:1.5 million BTT

(3) The third prize:1 million BTT

(4) The remaining 97 traders will share 5 million BTT based on their BTT deposit volume.

2.Trading Competition — Win 20 million BTT

1) TOP 100 BTT trading volume accounts will share a total of 20 million BTT. Trading volume will calculated by the following formula: (buy amount + sell amount) x (time factor). Any trade between the same account will be excluded. The time factor decays linearly from 1.5 to 1.0 during the competition.

2) Due to the difference in trading fees (according to the VIP level), the trading volume will be multiplied by the following formula to keep the competition fair: (actual trading fee/ trading fee of VIP-10).

3) Due to the difference in trading fees (according to the referral scheme), the trading volume will be normalized to keep the competition fair.

The share ratio of BTT:

(1) First prize:5 million BTT

(2) Second prize:3 million BTT

(3) Third prize:2 million BTT

(4) The remaining 97 traders will share 10 million BTT based on their BTT trading volume.

More details

Important Announcement

1. is now accepting users from USA, Japan and Canada

We’re Now Accepting US, Japanese and Canadian Users. Click to sign up platform:

2. will Airdrop VTHO (VeThor) and Open VTHO/ETH Market will enable VTHO/ETH market. is going to distribute VTHO to VET holders every two weeks based on their daily VET balance snapshot. (To make it fairer, we take a snapshot at a random time every day.) More details

3. Supports Theta(THETA) Mainnet Swap

According to official announcement from Theta(THETA), Theta team will release the mainnet on March 15, 2019. will support the swap at the ratio of 1:1. The Theta(THETA) snapshot will take place at UTC 19:00, March 12. Please deposit THETA before then. Also, Theta Fuel will be distributed at a ratio of 1:5 (Theta:Theta Fuel). More details

4. Supports Lympo(LYM) Smart Contract Upgrade

According to Lympo(LYM) official announcement, Lympo will upgrade the smart contract, which was carried out on Feb. 27. will suspend deposits and withdrawals of LYM, but the trading service of LYM won’t be suspended. After the upgrade, the new LYM tokens will be swapped automatically. More details Supports AE (Aeternity) Hard Fork will support Aeternity blockchain’s Minerva Upgrade. According to the official announcement from AE(Aeternity), the first hard fork — Minerva Upgrade-since the AE mainnet launch is likely to become active around March 6, 2019. More details

6. Distributed ONG to ONT Holders(2 times of the official ratio) has distributed ONG to the ONT holders at the ratio 2 times of the official ratio.

This is the second batch of ONG distribution with extra ONG. Such distribution is going to continue one or a few more months. We will be restoring the official ratio at a later date. If you would like to claim your ONG automatically, please deposit ONT on as soon as possible. More details

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