Upgrades Strategy Bot Platform, Streamlines Strategy Creation Process
3 min readMay 5, 2023


Trading crypto shouldn’t feel daunting or like there are huge barriers to accessing the markets. For many, the technical complexity and perceived risks increase when venturing outside the traditional spot market. However, there are tools out there that help traders access more lucrative crypto markets and trading methods more easily.

One way traders can expand their realm is by utilizing tools that automate their trading through strategy bots or by copying other traders. A popular place for this is the Copy Trading and Strategy Bot platforms on, which recently received new upgrades to help users trade successfully.

Based on community feedback, upgraded the Strategy Bot Futures Grid so that the default leverage displayed is now 2x, and the rate of return calculator shows a corresponding range of possible return rates. Both upgrades are intended to streamline the strategy creation process.

Find and create trading bots Strategy Bot is a platform allowing traders to create or copy custom trading bots without coding. Strategies will automatically place orders at preset market conditions configured by the strategy creator. In addition, the Futures Grid feature enables traders to automate buying and selling on the futures contract market, making trading more efficient, reliable, and predictable.

One of the best features of the Strategy Bot is its ‘AI smart grid’ tool, which uses artificial intelligence to create strategies optimized to balance profit and risk in the current market, and its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive analytics.

The Strategy Bot helps lower trading risks by mitigating impulsive or emotional trading decisions. In addition, it can reduce costs by carrying out elaborate trading tasks more efficiently and creating opportunities that may have otherwise been missed in volatile markets.

Copy advanced traders

For traders who want to mimic the trades of other more advanced traders,’s Copy Trading platform allows anyone to browse and then copy other traders’ activity and strategies. On the Copy Trading platform, traders can quickly scan the leaderboards and find in-depth analytics of other traders’ histories, performances, and more.

Like the Strategy Bot platform, Copy Trading is an efficient way to automate trading and access more advanced trading methods. However, it’s important to remember that past performance does not guarantee continued profit. Though, when used cautiously and with adequate research, both are valuable tools for tapping into the markets in any conditions.

Finding strategies on

One way to quickly find strategies on’s Strategy Bot is from the Strategy Pool tab. Traders can sort strategies by their types, such as growth and stability or by performance, such as the most copied, most profitable, or best overall.

Help improve is constantly improving and enhancing the Strategy Bot and Copy Trading platforms following feedback from traders. Those who want to share their suggestions and feedback can submit their comments using the feedback form.