Upgrades $100k Grid Trading Competition With 80% Chance of Bonus Prize
2 min readJun 5, 2023


Thousands of grid traders recently competed to win their share of $100,000 in the fifth edition of’s Grid Trading Tournament. While the most recent event saw many prizes won, has now broadened the criteria for winners, with an 80% of participants winning a bonus alongside other prizes. The tournament is split into two main events ending on June 12.

$60,000 worth of prizes for first-time users

The warm-up competition is the first event and offers a prize pool worth $60,000. Participants who create a grid strategy for the first time can win Quant trial funds. These funds can be used for trading or as a deposit on the Strategy Bot platform, meaning users can start their Strategy Bot trading for free. In addition, users who create or copy a grid strategy for the first time will be rewarded with free VIP upgrades, lower fees, and higher grid income.

$40,000 in bonus prize

The second event features up to $40,000 worth of prizes, with the core rewards offered as an additional bonus. Participants whose strategies and activities meet several requirements for the main event are eligible for rewards up to $200. Meanwhile, for the bonus rewards, all participants who trade at least $100 will earn a $20 bonus, and the reward can rise up to $100 for participants that trade at least $1,000. It’s like an instant rebate for grid traders.

More information about the events, participation rules, and rewards is available on the Grid Trading Tournament announcement page.

Automated crypto trading on

The Strategy Bot enables traders to automate their trading using predefined strategies. These strategies are a set of rules that will automatically execute buy and sell orders depending on specific market conditions. As a result, it helps traders capture gains from market volatility without worrying about emotions or committing large amounts of time and effort to watch the charts.

To begin using the Strategy Bot, users can sign in or register on and browse the list of strategies before copying one. Strategies can be sorted by type and performance, such as historical rate of return or total return value, allowing traders to find the optimal strategy for their needs.

Overall, features one of the most robust and comprehensive trading bot platforms that cater to all types of traders. Considering the considerable competition rewards with an 80% win rate, it’s a no-brainer for new and existing users to try out the Strategy Bot platform.