& TraditioNOW Debut NFT Series With Deep Cultural Meaning

The big debut

The Auspicious TianKuang Festival Box is the latest TraditioNOW release on Gate NFT. It’s a series of bright and warmly coloured art pieces representing the Tian Kuang Festival, which in ancient times represented “fortunes from heaven.” The colour scheme and style aim to capture the festival’s core meaning of auspiciousness.

When and where you can buy

The series is available for purchase on the Gate NFT platform from July 6th to July 12th at 12:00 PM (UTC), with a total of 800 individual NFTs listed.

Finding innovative avenues to expand cultural knowledge

TraditioNOW is an NFT platform that seeks to promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese culture. The platform emphasizes intangible cultural heritage, including various forms of heritage such as oral traditions, festivities, knowledge, skills, and more. The platform’s name, TraditioNOW, is derived from the belief of “giving the past a future,” encapsulating the meanings of tradition and contemporary.

What is Gate NFT?

The Gate NFT platform is a full-featured NFT marketplace and launchpad on Traders gain access to various popular, new, and rising NFTs, and creators launch and auction their projects to a large audience. The platform offers everything from initial minting to sale and goes as far as to provide avenues for physical NFTs.



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