Surpasses 800 Listed Coins And Tokens

The cryptocurrency market has grown at a tremendous pace over the last year, partly thanks to the growth in the DeFi, NFT and meme coin markets. Earlier today, the amount of coins and tokens listed on surpassed 800, as we continue to list the latest and greatest projects the market has to offer.

Accessibility is an important driver of growth in the global cryptocurrency market, which is why remains fully committed to continuing our efforts to list new projects and give our users access to a wide variety of coins and tokens.

Listing Requests

One of the key contributors for new listings on the exchange is our dedicated listing request section. As we’ve discussed before here on Medium, it’s a way for both users and project team members to submit a listing request which is then thoroughly vetted by our team before a decision is made. only lists quality projects with a proven team and long term potential.


Another key contributor for new listings is our dedicated IEO platform, Startup, which we have also covered on Medium in the last few weeks. Startup is a platform dedicated to giving our users access to early stage crypto projects, once projects have raised funding, they’re listed on the exchange and open for users around the world to trade. In many cases, is the first exchange to list these projects and many have given early investors great returns.

Besides continuing with expanding the variety of coins and tokens listed on the exchange, we remain committed to providing new features on our platform. While the launch of our dedicated NFT marketplace, NFT Magic Box, has been the talk of the town, we have also introduced our new Fiat Gateway, which will allow users to deposit over 20 different fiat currencies into their accounts on the exchange.

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